15 Muscle Building Mistakes You Might Be Making

Getting fitter and stronger is not an easy task. There are many obstacles along the way. Here’s a list of 15 muscle-building mistakes you could be making that you should avoid.

Muscle building mistakes should not be shrouded in mystery. If you’re an elite athlete, some mistakes are obvious, but there are others that you may not even know you’re doing. This list should help elite and novice athletes alike.

Sean Nalewanyj, a fitness coach and author, shared his personal experience about muscle building mistakes people are likely to make.

Although nutrition is vital in building muscle, he does not go into it here. If you’re interested in how nutrition can help you build muscle, click here.

15 Muscle Building Mistakes You Might Be Making

1. Chasing the pump

Getting a pump isn’t the problem, it’s how you get the pump. Doing hundreds of reps for a specific exercise will pump your muscles, but it’s not ideal for muscle hypertrophy.

The pump should come as a result of your workout, a side effect, not the cause of muscle growth.

2. Chasing Fatigue

3. Relying on Pain

At the end of the day, being in pain doesn’t mean you’re building muscle. On the other hand, not being sore doesn’t mean you aren’t building muscle.

4. Insufficient Training Effort

According to Sean, this is the top of the muscle building mistakes people can make. “Not getting close enough to real muscle failure on your sets” is a mistake people should try to avoid.

5. Not Tracking Your Workouts

6. Excessive Exercise Variation

7. Choosing the Wrong Elevators

8. Uneven Focus on Body Parts

9. Unstable Exercises

10. Ego Lifting

Do not give a shape for numbers.

11. Overly strict form

However, you don’t have to micromanage every single rep you do as well. Maintain a solid technique, but allow room to move naturally.

12. High Rep Focus

13. Short rest periods

14. Cardio Before Lifting

A warm-up before lifting is fine, for example 5-10 minutes. However, full cardio before exercise shouldn’t be on your training schedule if you’re looking to build muscle mass.

15. Copy Enhanced Lifters

Don’t just swallow what the fitness influencers or elite athletes with incredible genetics put out on a daily basis. Do your research and find out what’s better and what works for you.

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