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Data for Monday, September 27. There have been at least 2,000 infections since mid-July. Zero cases in Molise and Valley Aosta. The positive rate is 1.4% (yesterday, 1.1%) with 124077 smears. Admission: +52. Intensive care: +5

widget and access 1772 new cases of corona virus In Italy (yesterday there were 3099, here is the bulletin). At least that rises 4.662.087 The number of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 (including recovery and death) since the outbreak began. The death today I 45 (Yesterday there were 44), for a total 130,742 victims From February 2020. People recovered or discharged they totally 4.430.265 NS 2.892 The ones that came out of the covid nightmare today (3,385 yesterday). The positive current People infected with the virus are in everything 101.080, Equal -1.164 Compared to yesterday (-330 the day before).

Scans and scenario

I Total smears (molecular and antigenic) were 124.077, or 152,144 less than yesterday when there were 276,221. While the Positive rate
1,4% (about 1.42%); Yesterday it was 1.1%. Here is a map of the infection in Italy.

Less infections in 24 hours from yesterday. Every Monday the oscillating curve touches the weekly low point of its swing due to a lower number of scans compared to the other days of the week (which are those processed on Sunday). There have been at least 2,000 cases, below 2,000 thresholds, since mid-July (See Tuesday, July 13th bulletin.) Sounds like good news. The trend continues to slow, as evidenced by the comparison with last Monday (September 20) – the same day of the week – when it was recorded +2407 approx Positive rate of 2%: Today there are actually fewer new infected than that today, with a lower test case ratio (1.4% vs. 2%).

There are three areas with the most positive in 24 hours, above 200: Emilia Romagna (+289 cases at 2% rate), Sicily (+227 cases, or 1.8%) H Lazio (+217 cases, or 1.4%). Of note, Molise and Valle d’Aosta report no infections, respectively with 137 and 199 swabs, while Liguria provided partial data due to IT problems (see note ***).


There are 45 victims in the bulletin, more than yesterday. Six regions without any bereavement – namely Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria ***, Marche, Umbria, Molise and Valle d’Aosta – while the highest number of deaths are in Sicily (7), Tuscany (6) and Campania (6, one of which occurred previously*).

health system

Hospitalizations in the medical field increase, after a week of decline, as well as a slight increase in resuscitation. occupied family In regular Covid suites I +52 (Yesterday -62), for a total 3,487 have been hospitalized. occupied family intensive care (TI) she +5 – This is the balance between people who left and those who entered IT – (yesterday +2), bringing the total of the most severe patients to 488, with 29 cases accepted for resuscitation (yesterday 22).

You have received the vaccination

The given doses of the vaccine have expired 83.9 Millions. The citizens who received the second dose have finished 41,9 Millions (77.73% of the population over 12). 44.8 million people (83.08% of those vaccinated) received a single dose, while 45,278 received an additional dose. Here the map is updated every evening, and here is the real-time data for the Covid-19 Vaccine Report on the government website.

Region cases by region

The data presented below, broken down by region, are total cases (the number of people who have tested positive since the beginning of the epidemic: includes deaths and recoveries). The difference refers to the number of new cases recorded in the last 24 hours. Below is a table of the total data provided by the Ministry of Health.

Lombardy 882.560: +136 cases (yesterday +304) with 14,562 smears
veneto 468.124: +181 cases (yesterday +316) with 12,534 smears
Campania 455,536: +173 cases (yesterday +282) with 6547 smears
Emilia Romagna 422.939: +289 cases (yesterday +340) with 14,464 smears
383,686: +217 cases (yesterday +272) with 15,839 smears
Piedmont 378.436: +118 cases (yesterday +145) with 17,625 smears
Sicily 296.749: +227 cases (yesterday +422) with 12,277 smears
Tuscany 281451: +164 cases (yesterday +263) with 8046 smears
Apulia 268244: +57 cases (yesterday +139) with 6,284 smears
He walks 113,643: +26 cases (yesterday +79) with 1,059 smears
Friuli Venezia Giulia 113.509: +16 cases (yesterday +56) with 2101 smears
Liguria 112,445: +3 cases *** (yesterday +89) with 2,150 smears
Calabria 83,378: +107 cases (yesterday +106) with 2,193 smears
Abruzzo 81067: + 8 cases (yesterday +95) with 2256 smears
Pa Bolzano 76715: +5 cases (yesterday +55) with 1,380 smears
Sardinia 75.090: +21 cases (yesterday +46) with 1142 smears
Umbria 63673: +18 cases (yesterday +45) with 1865 smears
Ba Trento 48278: +5 cases (yesterday +16) with 1116 smears
Basilicata 29.960: +1 cases (yesterday +14) with 301 smears
Molise 14494: Zero cases (yesterday +8) with 137 smears
Daosta Valley 12,110: zero cases (yesterday +7) with 199 smears

Deaths by region

The number below, broken down by region, is the total deaths since the start of the pandemic. The difference refers to the number of new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 34,026: +4 deaths (yesterday +10)
veneto 11.760: +2 deaths (yesterday +2)
Campania 7,907: +6 * deaths (yesterday +2)
Emilia Romagna 13462: +3 deaths (yesterday +1)
Lazio 8642: +4 deaths (yesterday +6)
Piedmont 11758: +2 deaths (yesterday +1)
Sicily 6792: +7 deaths (yesterday +3)
Tuscany 7,148: +6 deaths (yesterday +7)
Apulia 6779: +2 deaths (yesterday +1)
He walks 3,072: No new deaths (yesterday +2)
Friuli Venezia Giulia 3817: No new deaths for the fifth consecutive day
Liguria 4,407: No new deaths for the second day in a row ***
Calabria 1,398: +2 deaths (yesterday +4)
Abruzzo 2,544: +2** deaths (yesterday there were no new deaths)
Pa Bolzano 1.192: +1 death (yesterday +1)
Sardinia 1,635: +2 deaths (yesterday +2)
Umbria 1448: No new deaths for the third consecutive day
Ba Trento 1,372 +1 deaths (yesterday +1)
Basilicata 613: +1 death (yesterday +1)
Molise 496: No new deaths on September 19
Daosta Valley 474: No new deaths since September 22

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* The Campania region announces the death of a death attributed to 04/15/2021.

** The Abruzzo region has two deaths reported today in the past few days.

*** Today the Liguria region reported technical problems related to the nature of IT due to bad weather, which did not allow the full transmission of data to A.Li.Sa. Today’s data may be partial and will be consolidated as soon as possible.

The Emilia-Romagna region announces that two positive cases of antigen testing have been eliminated but not confirmed by molecular swab.

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