19 North Face basics essential for fall


It’s time to move into the fall, and cooling in the air means one (OK, two) things: Jackets and fleece. One of the best brands for both is a favorite of ours, The North Face, so in the coming cooler months mentally, we’ve found the best jackets and fleece to keep you comfortable at all times. We only select top-rated (i.e. above 90% positive reviews from buyers) and best-selling products, so see if you’re in the market for a comfortable topper.

Denali 2 Women’s Hoodie ($ 199; thenorthface.com)

The North Face

Denali Women’s 2 Hoodie

A classic look from the brand, this highly rated fleece works as a lightweight fall jacket, zips into the brand’s heavier coats for winter layering and comes in three colorways.

Women’s Osito Quarter-Zip Hoodie ($ 109; thenorthface.com)

Women's Osito Quarter-Zip Hoodie
The North Face

Women’s Osito Quarter-Zip Hoodie

What is better than a wool? We think it’s a super fuzzy fleece, like this slightly cropped hoodie. Available in four rich colors, this is the perfect fleece.

Women’s Cragmont Fleece Jacket ($ 149; thenorthface.com)

Women's Cragmont Fleece Jacket
The North Face

Women’s Cragmont Fleece Jacket

Both a jacket and a fleece, and available in four mixed textures, this fleece is a cold weather favorite for good reason. Made of 100% recycled fabric, this jacket is useless to throw away when the temperature drops.

Women’s Cragmont Fleece Snap ($ 97.30, original $ 139; thenorthface.com)

Women's Cragmont Fleece Snap
The North Face

Women’s Cragmont Fleece Snap

Very warm and available in three colors, this most important fleece is one of our favorite pieces from the North Face – and it’s on sale. This comfortable Sherpa can run quite large, so shop accordingly.

National City Women’s Standard Micro-Fleece Quarter-Zip ($ 99; thenorthface.com)

Standard City of Micro-Fleece Quarter-Zip by Women City
The North Face

Standard City of Micro-Fleece Quarter-Zip by Women City

A chic fleece? Yes, it is possible, using a high collared pullover with a relaxed fit and on-seam pockets for all the things you need to hide.

Men’s Sherpa Patrol Full Zip Hoodie ($ 149; thenorthface.com)

Men's Sherpa Patrol Full Zip Hoodie
The North Face

Men’s Sherpa Patrol Full Zip Hoodie

We couldn’t pull off a fleece list without a hoodie, and this one is lined with extremely comfortable Sherpa fur to make it more comfortable for the fall months. Available in three neutral, this hoodie also has kangaroo pockets to keep your hands warm as well.

Men’s Denali 2 Jacket ($ 179; thenorthface.com)

Men's Denali 2 Jacket
The North Face

Men’s Denali 2 Jacket

This casual jacket is the new, relaxed version of the iconic fleece that you will own at least once in your life. Like many other North Face furs, it blends easily into a larger coat, and has a hem cinch to keep you comfortable.

Men’s Highrail Fleece Jacket ($ 149; thenorthface.com)

Men's Highrail Fleece Jacket
The North Face

Men’s Highrail Fleece Jacket

This weightweight, cotton-knit jacket with Sherpa fleece lining is the perfect mid-weight fleece to throw away in the fall becomes chillier. Available in four neutral colorways, a great review described it as “cozy and comfortable, perfect for fall and winter.”

Men’s Wayroute Pullover Hoodie ($ 100; thenorthface.com)

Men's Wayroute Pullover Hoodie
The North Face

Men’s Wayroute Pullover Hoodie

Another high rating hoodie, this pullover will keep you warm when there is a cool breeze in the air with Power Grid fleece and a hood that covers your neck nicely and tightly.

Women’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket ($ 280; thenorthface.com)

Women's 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket
The North Face

Women’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket

Young Nineties will surely remember the classic two -color jacket you can pick up from city streets to a mountain walk. It has the oversized logo you want, 97% positive reviews from buyers, and water-resistant ripstop fabric and large baffles for heat, so you always stay dry and stylish.

The Women’s Shelbe Raschel Hoodie ($ 149; thenorthface.com)

The Women's Shelbe Raschel Hoodie
The North Face

The Women’s Shelbe Raschel Hoodie

Available in seven colors and extended sizes, this hooded jacket is wind and water repellent, keeping you warm and dry on your fall adventures.

Men’s Gordon Lyons Shacket ($ 109; thenorthface.com)

Men's Gordon Lyons Shacket
The North Face

Men’s Gordon Lyons Shacket

No one says it falls like a classic barn jacket, and this version from North Face, available in five colorways, has 100% positive reviews from buyers. Reinforced patches on the back of the arms increase durability and the pockets add extra storage.

Men’s Allproof Stretch Jacket ($ 149; thenorthface.com)

Men's Allproof Stretch Jacket
The North Face

Men’s Allproof Stretch Jacket

This waterproof and airproof jacket is made of a material with a built -in stretch, making it not only stylish – in four neutral colors – but highly functional.

Men’s Apex Canyonwall Eco Vest ($ 79; thenorthface.com)

Men's Apex Canyonwall Eco Vest
The North Face

Men’s Apex Canyonwall Eco Vest

Obviously, this vest gives basic “startup guy” vibes, but the truth is you see simple, classic vests in a lot of people because they’re perfect pieces of makeshift. Available in three muted colors and expanded sizes, the Eco Vest features multiple pockets and wind protection.

Men’s Class V Pullover ($ 89; thenorthface.com)

Men's Class V Pullover
The North Face

Men’s Class V Pullover

Everyone can use a casual, non-solvent water jacket, and this stylish version will keep you dry wherever you are, as it folds tightly for easy packing. Available in yellow, green and black, this jacket will prepare you for your next adventure.

The Women’s Half Dome Pullover Hoodie ($ 55; thenorthface.com)

The Half Half Dome Pullover Hoodie
The North Face

The Half Half Dome Pullover Hoodie

We love throwing a hoodie in the fall, and this classic logo hoodie will be great paired with shorts on a cool night or with joggers when the season passes. Available in six colors, the hoodie comes with a kangaroo pocket on the front.

Canyonlands Women’s Pullover Crop ($ 85; thenorthface.com)

Canyonlands Girl's Pullover Crop
The North Face

Canyonlands Girl’s Pullover Crop

The modern stylish version of this classic hoodie is made from a smooth fleece face and is available in six colors. The midweight pullover has a reverse coil zip pocket on the front and a city cut that keeps it looking chic.

Men’s Coordinates Pullover Hoodie ($ 65; thenorthface.com)

Men's Coordinates Pullover Hoodie
The North Face

Men’s Coordinates Pullover Hoodie

A slightly tweaked version of the classic North Face hoodie, this version comes with five neutral and jewel color shades and has a relaxed original style. The update? A logo overlay message about exploration – it’s a total vibe.

Men’s Canyonlands Hoodie ($ 89; thenorthface.com)

Men's Canyonlands Hoodie
The North Face

Men’s Canyonlands Hoodie

Available in five fall heathered colorways, this sturdy midweight hoodie features a full range hood and is very soft – meaning it doesn’t sacrifice your ability to move to keep you warm.


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