Where’s Aaron Rodgers? Matt LaFleur and Packers teammates step in as MVP no-show minicamp

Aaron Rodgers isn’t used to missed shots, but he could get used to missing practice.

The Packers’ reigning MVP quarterback was out on day one of the mandatory Green Bay minicamp on Tuesday, the latest chapter written in an ongoing feud between Rodgers and the organization this offseason.

While Rodgers has been steadfast in his stated desire to leave Lambeau, there is no end in sight between the two sides. Some reports suggest the gap could be closed, but until then it’s still a gap.

Rodgers’ absence from camp was notable: Jordan Love, Green Bay’s 2020 first-round pick and heir apparent to Rodgers, took the snaps during the three-day camp, and his performance was less than stellar.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur and other Green Bay stars weighed in on the situation:

Head Coach Matt LaFleur

Speaking after the team’s practice on June 8, the Packers coach took a slightly harsher stance on Rodgers’ absence.

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“You wish everyone were here,” said LaFleur. “That’s what it is, man, and we’re going to focus and we’ll control and work on the guys that are here and try to help them become the best they can and train them to the max.…

“I’m not going to get into my conversations with Aaron and communication”, LaFleur said. “I think, you know, I’m a natural optimist. But, you know, again, we’re going to take it day in and day out and do whatever we can to help remedy the situation.”

Wide receiver Davante Adams

There are arguably no greater beneficiaries of Rodgers’ talents than his large receivers. This is why, in a so-called solidarity movement, the body did not show up for voluntary training earlier during the offseason.

Adams, however, wasn’t going to miss the paychecks ahead of the season, and made it known that Rodgers was missing at camp:

“I support him everything, so he knows that at the end of the day, if he’s wondering if he’s lost a teammate or something like that because of everything that’s happened, he knows where I am. ‘in’, Adams said. “I’m going to stand on the fucking mountain and scream at the top of the mountain for support.”

Left tackle David Bakhtiari

Bakhtiari, one of Rodgers’ closest confidants on the Packers, also intervened after Rodgers was absent at the opening of the minicamp.

“For me, I care about Aaron Rodgers from a friend’s perspective,” Bakhtiari said. “Whatever he wants to do, whatever situation arises, I will never hold it against him. He is my friend. He is someone I appreciated, and he did a lot for this. organization and a lot for me as an individual.

“Now as a teammate I would be a fool to say I don’t want the MVP to come back. He’s the league MVP last year. He did amazing things from a quarterback’s perspective, our quarterback position, but not just for the franchise. So absolutely. “


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