Alex Cora discusses Astros booing at Fenway Park

BOSTON – In addition to taking a 7-1 loss in which his side did not perform very well in any facet of the game, Tuesday was arguably the toughest night of the season for Red Sox manager Alex Cora.

The reason? The harsh boos that Fenway loyalists treated the Astros with all night – most of them reserved for Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman.

Cora, of course, was central to the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal and has been suspended by the MLB for the 2020 season.

So, while Boston fans enjoyed themselves, Cora couldn’t help but feel responsible for her own role in how the Astros were illegally using technology to decipher the signs while he was a bench coach in 2017. .

“On a personal level, hard to swallow,” Cora said. “Hard to hear it. Because in the end, I was part of it. I was part of the 2017 Astros, and I was part of the whole sign-stealing situation and they were getting booed and yelled at the way they [were], I was part of it too.

Although Red Sox fans laughed at the Astros players and not Cora, he couldn’t help but get a sinking feeling upon hearing it.

“Like I said from the start, I know there are a lot of people in this city who are Boston Red Sox fans who disagree that I am the manager,” Cora said. . “There are others who yeah, they agree with that and others, they’re just happy that we have this record. But that was something I had wondered for a while – how people were going to treat them – because in the end, we were part of it.

“Me and [current Red Sox player] Marwin [Gonzalez] were part of that, and it was difficult last night. When I got home, I thought about it. I was like, ‘Wow.’ It was hard. It was a tough night, not just on the pitch – that part, whatever. I can cope with this. We’re going to lose another 7-1 game, but the fact that there were boos like that touched me too. “

While Cora has been booed here and there this season, he hasn’t experienced anything like what greeted the Astros who remain on the 2017 squad.

“I have already spoken to some [Houston’s players], and it has been more difficult in other places. The New York thing is really hard on them, and they understand why, they know why, ”Cora said. “I know there are a lot of people booing them because they’re good too. It’s the Houston Astros. But at the same time, most people are doing it because of what happened in ’17. But yeah, coming back to the question… that was a tough question for me last night.

Barnes ready to talk about contract

With the Red Sox closer Matt barnes Pitching at the highest level of his career, it should be noted that he will be eligible for free agency this winter.

According to MassLive, the Red Sox had preliminary talks with Barnes during spring practice. Would Barnes be prepared to revisit extension talks before reaching free agency?

“I’m not going to say I’m against it. Yes absolutely I would be open to that, ”Barnes said. “But I can tell you firmly, nothing happened. We haven’t had any discussions since Spring Training, so if the Red Sox want to bid and they want to start these conversations. … Look, I’ve always firmly believed that listening to news is always free, whether in baseball or in life.

“Listening is free. If they want to have a conversation I’m sure it’s something my agent and I can discuss and see if anything arises out of it. But for the moment, nothing has happened. “

Eduardo Rodriguez is another key Boston player who could become a free agent this winter. Unlike Barnes, however, Rodriguez has underperformed so far this season.



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