Bruce Arians on the arrival of a vaccination specialist: “I am the specialist”


Washington coach Ron Rivera bring in a vaccination expert in town to try to convince gamers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians was asked on Thursday if he would bring in a vaccine specialist as well.

I am the specialist“Arians said, via Jenna Laine of

“If you want to get back to normal, get yourself vaccinated,” Arians added. “Eighty-five percent is what we’re aiming for. . . . It’s always a personal choice, but I see no reason not to get the vaccine.

The question of whether and to what extent players will be vaccinated could potentially create a division in the locker room. In Tampa, Arians clarifies his position. If some in the locker room think as strongly about not getting the shot as the Arians do about getting the shot, things could get tense.

Then there is the reality that while places on the roster technically cannot be decided based on vaccination status, teams will gravitate in close cases to the players who got the shot. As Arians said, it’s a way back to normal. And when the choices are normal and normal, getting back to normal is arguably in the best interest of the team.


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