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Devin Funchess: You dance with the 11 you have, etc. Did you see a better answer to Rodgers’ question than Devin’s?

This whole Zoom call was awesome. I heard a lot of good things from various league reporters about Funchess when the Packers signed him last year, but I was blown away by his press conference. He has a quiet intensity about it and he doesn’t give cliché answers. I really enjoyed it.

Dear Mike and Wes, some players are locked into making the squad based on draft value, contract cost or depth… which players stand to gain the most during minicamp and training camp full at the end of July?

The unknown. As jobs are ultimately won in training camp, the offseason schedule is where guys like Jayrone Elliott and Tim Boyle started to impress as undrafted rookies.

What is the biggest criticism ofJK Scottis the game?

Just consistency. The guy has it all, man. Scott looks exactly what an elite punter should look like. It’s just about continuing the good starts he had throughout his NFL career in December and January.

Derek d’Eau Claire, WI

For JK to be the most improved player, he has to play his best football in December, January and February. What can he work on during a melted 92 degree tundra that will prepare him for a frozen 22 degree tundra?

I think that’s where Mo Drayton and his team come in. They have to work with Scott and find the right formula to get the most out of him over a six month period. A quick start is as good as a good finish in a marathon.

Margeaux of Tallahassee, Florida

Everyone needs a friend like Davante Adams. In his interview, his insight and thoughtfulness were fully visible. I was very impressed with his commentary on the growth of Jordan Love after seeing just one practice. What a great response and a perfect example of the bravado-less leadership he shows.

Davante has been a dream to cover as a journalist. There’s a reason he’s one of only two Packers players to have won the PFWA Stand-Up Guy Award twice. He is real and he understands. Adams also has the knack of knowing how to communicate and express his feelings productively, especially during times of adversity.

Grant from Grand Forks, ND

Don’t let Bakhtiari fool you. Doing that full first cycle on a bike is one of the toughest “little things” I have ever done. Fortunately the therapist had a sadistic tendency, otherwise we would never come back to where we were.

As someone who has never ripped or broken anything before, I can’t even imagine. What Bakhtiari said that struck me the most was how the injuries happen and then everyone moves on… except the person who was injured. Her life is radically changing and that can be a lesson in humility. As I kept saying about Bakhtiari andJosias Deguara, there is so much blood, sweat and tears that got the two guys to go as far as they have been in the last 6-9 months. You can’t help but respect that.

It takes a lot of support to come back from a major injury and David Bakhtiari has discussed that. Which player returned from a serious injury during your time with the Packers that impressed you the most because of his severity?

Bret gets a second question because I liked both (way to go, Bret). Demetri Goodson is a name that doesn’t get mentioned enough whenever this question arises. He suffered one of the most serious injuries I have ever seen against Washington in 2016. I know he’s never played in another regular season game, but Meech’s return to the field during the pre-season 2018 was impressive.


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