Matt Rhule on vaccinations: I don’t tell anyone what to do

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The NFL has relaxed its COVID-19 protocols for players vaccinated and for teams with 85% of all players vaccinated. But that’s not enough for some players to get the hang of it.

Panthers quarterback Sam darnold has not yet been vaccinated and might not get it, he said on Wednesday.

His coach Matt Rhule has said he will not try to persuade any player to get the shot.

“It’s fair to say i don’t tell anyone what to do, ”Rhule said, via the team’s website Darin Gantt. “It’s their personal decision. As with any topic in life, I always say do your research, but do it from the right sources. Talk to the doctors. Talk to your doctors. Talk to our doctors. And of course, making sure our guys know the difference between being vaccinated and unvaccinated. There are differences in the protocols, and there will be differences in the training camp.

“My job is to educate people and let them make decisions. Not much beyond that.

Panthers kickerJoey slyeadmitted he initially had reservations about the vaccine until he spoke to doctors at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where his late brother was treated for cancer. He now calls the decision to get the vaccine “obvious”.


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