Boston Red Sox Houston Astros: An Absolutely Crazy Victory

What an absurd game. the Red Sox entered Thursday’s game looking to avoid a sweep and did so in a savage way. This game included, but was not limited to, multiple game-changing home runs, an inside flight rule in midfield, a double play where no one knew what was going on, a bat flip Christian Arroyo , And much more. I really don’t know what to say. It was one of the craziest games I have ever seen.

It was a pretty wild baseball game, so let’s start from the start and go from there. The two teams went back and forth pretty much all night, but that didn’t include a first run that only included a walk between the two teams. Once this round is over, the fireworks have started. At the top of the second, Eduardo Rodriguez couldn’t repeat his first, although Fenway betrayed him. Yuli Gurriel hit a weak pop up to right field, but because it’s Fenway, these still have a chance to leave the court. Sure enough, he took off the post for a solo shot and Houston came in first on the board.

The good news is that Boston has an answer. Rafael Devers and Hunter Renfroe started off with straight out singles to put the runners in the corners. Christian Vázuqez then landed his own hit, and just like that, the game was all over. Things didn’t end there, however, with Bobby Dalbec charging the goals on a two-out single before Kiké Hernández could end a batting good with a walk, bringing home a point and making a 2-1 match.

Thursday night, the theme was the answer, and that’s exactly what Houston did. Rodriguez got some momentum from his team and didn’t pitch badly in the first two innings, but things started due to fatigue overnight. The top of the order made a number on the left-hander the second time around, although Jose Altuve attempted to stretch a single Wall Ball into a double, only to get cut off on a throw from Alex Verdugo. But after that, all with two outs, Houston walked one, hit a single and then brought home two on a Yordan Alvarez double. Suddenly they were back in front.

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But Boston wasn’t going to be far behind. Lagging behind, this time, they wasted no time in reattaching him. JD Martinez led the round and ended a home run. The slugger hadn’t gone deep since mid-May, but he got a slap shot here and immediately crushed it at center field, sneaking it over the deep wall for a solo shot. The Red Sox also continued to make good contact, with Xander Bogaerts continuing the circuit with a brace. After a few quick strikeouts, Vázquez made sure not to lose the opportunity, pushing a big single down the middle to bring home another point and give the Red Sox another lead.

Things slowed down in the fourth, with neither team adding to their totals, but the fifth went up a few notches. That’s when Rodriguez really started to struggle in this game, starting with a debut single at number nine batter. He managed to get two strikeouts after that against the top of the order, but the third strike slipped away. Alex Bregman kept the inning alive with a hit, then Rodriguez lost a battle with Alvarez, ending with a march to charge the bases.

That would end the night for the Red Sox starter, with Matt Andriese looking for that final to keep his squad going. Instead, he gave a walk to tie the game before Kyle Tucker – who has destroy The Red Sox pitcher in those two recent series – cleared the goals on a brace. The momentum had totally moved to the highest degree yet, with Houston taking a three-point lead.

But again, this game was bananas, and the bottom of the fifth kept pushing the spice up. Devers started off with a hit, then with two strikeouts Vázquez kept the set alive with his third hit of the night. This brought Christian Arroyo to the plate, and he got a slider hanging just above the heart of the plate. He was all over the place, striking a shot no doubt to left center field. With a bat flip to match, he tied that match right away.

Now it was clear the back and forth was on, and this game was going to be crazy until the end. And of course, he stayed crazy in sixth grade. In the first half, it was Altuve repeating what he had done in Houston. There he threw one in the Crawford Boxes. Here he went down and had a bullet to his ankles, sort of throwing it into the front row of Monster Seats for a solo shot. Houston was already back on top.

Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox

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But the bottom of the sleeve got crazier. Hernández started the set with a double, then advanced to third on a ground ball. From there, Martinez hit a pop-up to the right that appeared to be borderline as to whether or not it was deep enough to score the point. It turned out that it didn’t matter, as Tucker dropped a routine pop-up to allow the Red Sox to tie the game.

And then, after Bogaerts took a walk, Devers hit a pop-up towards the shallow center field. Hell broke loose and this game went from savage to just plain silly. Carlos Correa came out and found himself under the ball from the shortstop, but he also let it down. However, the ump had apparently called an infield fly – by the letter of the law I guess there are reasons for this to be an okay call, but it looked silly given how silly it was far away – so Devers was absent. Bogaerts thought he was out the second and turned around for a second, but he hadn’t come out.

There were still runners in the first and second with an out, and a step then charged the bases. This brought Vázquez to the plate, and after a fan rushed onto the pitch because why not, he was grazed by a pitch. Just like that, Boston was back in front with the bases still loaded. And they would get yet another walk after that to make it a 10-8 game. Throw a two-run double from Bobby Dalbec, and they finished the inning with a four-run cushion.

This brought in Adam Ottavino for the seventh, and he got in some trouble when Alvarez put one out of the Monster with one. However, Alex Verdugo played it perfectly to keep the runner on a single and then things got weird again. Yuli Gurriel hit a tapper in front of the plate which at first seemed to have hit him. The referee correctly said it was well on the line, and Vázquez handed the ball to the first for an out. Meanwhile, Alvarez thought it was a foul, so he went back to first, and before he knew it he was hit to complete the round. Dusty Baker ended up getting kicked out. I do not know. This game was absurd.

Still 12-8 before the eighth, Josh Taylor had a perfect round for the Red Sox, and it was almost normal! He got help from a terrific dive catch from Hernández.

Finally, it was up to Matt Barnes to finish in ninth. He managed to do it without too much drama, allowing an infielder single to complete the win. The 12-8 win pushed Boston’s record to 38-25.

The Red Sox will now look to build on that momentum in their next series against the Blue Jays. They’ll have Garrett Richards on the mound to take on Ross Stripling. The first pitch is set for 7:10 p.m. ET.


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