Kevin Durant’s ‘Personal Bodyguard’ Pushed PJ Tucker

Star of the nets Kevin Durant and Bucks forward PJ Tucker had a verbal confrontation during Milwaukee’s victory over Brooklyn last night.

Then someone rushed over and pushed Tucker while ostensibly separating the players. Suddenly Tucker directed his anger at this man.

Apparently he was Durant’s bodyguard.

Athletic’s Joe Vardon:

At one point, with less than five minutes to play in the third quarter, Durant and PJ Tucker were face to face, speaking vehemently, as if they were upset. Durant’s personal bodyguard, who is in the pay of the Nets, instructed the court to separate them and pushed Tucker.

When did “Durant’s personal bodyguard” just become a Nets security guard? Even though he is focused on Durant, he is an employee of the team if he is part of the team’s payroll.

A Nets security guard who interrupts the altercation seems much less outrageous.

Still, there are reasonable questions about the aggressiveness of a team security officer towards an opposing player. The security guard did not defuse the incident. He enraged Tucker even more.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA sent out a memo on how incidents like this should be handled. More direct consequences for Brooklyn seem less likely but would not be absolutely shocking.


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