Packers TE Jace Sternberger explains reason for 2-game suspension

A “horrible decision” resulting from a mixture of antidepressants and alcohol resulted in the suspension of two games of Jace Sternberger from the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers tight end explained the situation in a tweet posted Thursday from his official Twitter account.

“In February 2020, I made a horrible decision,” Sternberger wrote. “While taking antidepressants, I decided to drink, which caused me to fall asleep while driving.”

The NFL suspended Sternberger for violating league drug addiction policy.

“It’s never okay to drink and drive,” Sternberger added.

To help remedy the problem, Sternberger said he had been in therapy for 16 months.

“I will never ignore my mistakes, I recognized my bad decision and accept the consequences,” said Sternberger.

Everyone makes mistakes, and Sternberger’s mistake was dangerous, but I thank the young player for recognizing the fundamental problem and asking for help. And he didn’t try to hide from the consequences of his mistake.

Perhaps overcoming this hurdle can help propel Sternberger’s football career after a rocky start in the NFL.

As a rookie, he received a vicious blow during joint training with the Houston Texans, resulting in a concussion. He then suffered a major ankle injury during the preseason. Last season, he started training camp on the COVID-19 roster. In two seasons, he only caught 12 assists in 18 games and 262 offensive snaps.

Now his third season will start on the sidelines.

Sternberger will miss games against the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions to start the 2021 season. He is eligible to return in Week 3 against the San Francisco 49ers.

The suspension will not prevent Sternberger from missing training camp or preseason.



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