Sean McVay admits he’s in a better mood this offseason


Rams coach Sean McVay has said so. . . then he returned on foot.

At a Super Bowl host committee press conference on Thursday, McVay answered a question about what he thought of Matthew Stafford explaining his mood.

“I think I have been very happy“McVay said, smiling, via ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry.” Everybody’s like, ‘Dude, you just look like you’re in a better mood this offseason,’ and I said, ‘Okay blood, I’m right. “”

Hours later, after the Rams’ last mandatory minicamp practice, McVay’s mood had changed. He blamed the media for it, explaining that he wasn’t trying to downplay Jared goff.

“I hate having to say this, but I think I made a comment that was definitely taken out of context“McVay said later.” I’m very excited. I’m in a good mood, thanks to the confidence I have in this team. But that’s by no means an affront to anyone, you know , like Jared, who has done a phenomenal job the last four years here. I hated having to bring it up, but I thought out of respect for him and all the good things he did [I needed to clarify]. I’m in a good mood, but that doesn’t mean it’s not because we work together or because of Stafford exclusively. There are a lot of good things going on that I feel really good about, and I’m confident, so don’t twist my words when I haven’t said it.

He said what he said, and the Rams obviously think Stafford is an improvement over Goff or that they wouldn’t have made the trade two weeks after losing in the division round. Stafford has only made one Pro Bowl and has never won a playoff game, going 0-3.

The Rams, however, believe their new quarterback is the right quarterback to bring them a Lombardi Trophy.

That’s why McVay and Rams fans are in good spirits.

“This guy is a special guy,” McVay said of Stafford. “I think one of the best ways to describe him when you hear from people who have been around him, there is a known confidence where when he walks into a room you feel his presence, but he has great humility. to himself. Everyone loves being around him, and he’s one of those guys who is a real teaser. He makes everyone around him better.


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