Madden 22 cover athlete prediction based on EA Sports tease with Peyton Hillis

EA Sports has released a teaser for the Madden 22 cover athlete, and we wonder who it will be.

The trailer showed former cover athlete Peyton Hillis sitting in a barn. The video showed a pair of goats and Hillis had uttered the words, “They did it again.”

This teaser has led to speculation about the meaning of all of these clues. We have some ideas, which we will detail below.

Madden 22 Cover Athlete: Tom Brady?

(EA Sports)

The biggest theory going on after the teaser is that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will grace the cover of Madden 22. Brady was my daring prediction candidate for the cover athlete in February, and what I said then is still true.

Brady has done the cover of Madden before, but that’s exactly why he’s a great candidate for Madden 22. He’s on a different team, so the cover will have a new look. And he just won a Super Bowl, so it makes sense that he did enough to earn coverage.

But it also makes sense with the Madden trailer. The video features goats, and Brady is often considered the GOAT (the greatest of all time) given his success in the league. And Hillis saying “they did it again” would be referring to Brady doing the cover twice.

Madden 22 Cover Athlete: Derrick Henry?

(EA Sports)

We have a few reasons to speculate that Derrick Henry could be the cover athlete for Madden 22. First, There was a GameStop leak in March which showed Henry on the cover in much the same way as the Madden 21 look. It seems strange that someone would go to the trouble of creating a fake Madden 22 cover just to try and increase pre-order sales several months before the launch. exit from the game.

But taking clues from the trailer, one can interpret Hillis’ comment “they did it again” to refer to Madden putting another runner on the cover. Henry would be the first active running back on the cover since Hillis, which is why it would make sense to include the former NFL running back in the teaser.

The only thing that trips me over this theory is to introduce the goats.

Madden 22 Cover Athlete: Double Athletes?

(EA Sports)

EA Sports made Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald co-cover athletes on Madden 10, the first time the franchise featured more than one player on the cover. The idea behind this theory is that the teaser had two goats in the video, and EA Sports used two goats in their tweet. Hillis’ “they did it again” comment would also fit here, as it could hint at EA Sports doing another two-athlete cover.

Maybe I’m reading too much there, but it looked like one of the goats was smaller in the video, possibly hinting at a baby goat. With this theory, we might assume that one of the co-cover athletes would be Tom Brady, but then who would be the other? Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have already covered the cover for the past two years, so it looks like they would be out of the race. But a Brady and Mahomes cover seems to make sense in this context.

If we take out the concept of a baby goat and just accept that as two goats, then I might see a cover of Brady and Aaron Rodgers. I listed Rodgers as my best prediction contender based on his MVP season in 2020. Brady and Rodgers as a co-GOAT make a lot of sense.

Madden 22 Cover Athlete Teaser: Reaction

Tom Brady, Derrick Henry and the doubles athletes are the best guesses I have on the cover. Most Twitter reactions seem to think the cover will feature Brady and Mahomes.

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