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There are 679 new cases of coronavirus in Italy in the past 24 hoursAccording to the bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health. Yesterday the number of victims was 389, on the other hand, the number of victims increased from 28 yesterday to 42 today (22 previous victims in Campania, in relation to the period from November 2020 to May 2021). The positivity rate decreased to 0.3%.While the day before it was 0.5. The positives are slightly increased compared to yesterday, but it is still below the thousandth threshold for the tenth day in a row.

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The region with the highest number of new infected people is Campania, with 117 new cases. Below are Sicily and Lombardy. Moreover, the decline in hospitalizations, in both critical and non-critical areas, continues. The occupied beds in the regular Covid wards decreased by 47 units compared to yesterday, bringing the total number of patients to 1676. On the other hand, the number of occupied beds in intensive care decreased by 19 units, This brings the total number of high-risk patients to 270.

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As for the vaccination campaign, the doses given so far have exceeded 50.4 million. Meanwhile, the delta form of Covid continues to cause concern, which would primarily affect the unvaccinated and those who only took the first dose. They were in the last 24 hours 11 cases of this mutation identified in Naples On 35 swabs were analyzed. However, the first cases appear in many other Campania cities, a sign of the presence of a delta variant in the region for some time: more than a hundred confirmed cases.

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