Aaron Rodgers rumors lead Packers in new drama with Davante Adams

Aaron Rodgers stars in the Packers offseason drama, but he’s not the only actor. Team managers must now be aware that the uncertainty of Rodgers’ future at Green Bay is starting to have ripple effects.

While the focus has been on a potential rift between the Packers and their NFL MVP quarterback, All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams is not signed beyond the 2021 season. Adams at the peak of his career makes him worthy of being the highest paid wide receiver in the game with his next contract.

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There’s no question that a big part of Adams’ great success has been his odd chemistry with Rodgers. So while there is no guarantee Rodgers will be there for 2022, Adams has less motivation to sign at Green Bay.

Adams spoke about his plans in an interesting interview with Bleacher Report. He suggested the QB situation is something that could affect when and where he signs, “praying” for now that Rodgers isn’t going anywhere.

There are a lot of NFL teams out there hoping Adams gets somewhere. While Adams was open with BR, Raiders QB Derek Carr did the same in his interview with ABC 30 from Fresno, California. Carr didn’t hesitate to want to recruit Adams – her former Fresno State guy – to play with him again in Las Vegas. If Adams somehow becomes a free agent, Carr is willing to do a “full press” to make him a Raider.

Rodgers and Adams are the undisputed best current NFL quarterback-receiving duo. Adams is just off his best professional season, capturing a career-high 115 of 149 targets for 1,374 yards and 18 touchdowns – in just 14 games. He will receive $ 16.76 million in salary and bonuses in 2021.

Adams’ second contract in the NFL was for four years and $ 58 million. He only ranks 18th among large-outs in average annual salary. He is expected to aim for around $ 25 million per season with around $ 60 million in guaranteed cash in his next contract.

The Packers’ cap situation isn’t great for the rest of 2021, but next year they should have a lot more leeway to secure another contract for Adams, thanks to a significant increase in the boom cap. continuous league income. There is every reason to try to make a deal before Adams can hit the market.

But it’s also difficult for Adams to commit to numbers when the Packers’ commitment to Rodgers – and vice versa – falters. Without Rodgers, one can’t fault Adams for wanting a better and familiar situation with regards to transitioning to become the primary target for developing Jordan Love.

DeAndre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs and Julio Jones are three expensive wide receivers who have switched teams via trade in the last two offseason. Hopkins and Diggs have entered the gold mines with their second teams and Jones has a chance to find more treasure in Tennessee. With the Raiders, the Colts and Chargers appear to be strong, welcome the second contenders for Adams.

Without Rodgers Adams wouldn’t have evolved to the same elite level, but now the receiver can be a special No. 1 for any QB. If the Packers can’t end the drama with Rodgers, there’s a good chance it will come with Adams’ end of time with the team as well.

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