Abu Dhabi Municipality continues to implement the project to beautify pedestrian bridges – Emirates – news and reports

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, which is affiliated with the Department of Municipalities and Transport, continues, through the infrastructure and municipality assets sector, to implement a creative cosmetic project aimed at providing pedestrian bridges in Abu Dhabi with innovative lighting that adds more beauty and an attractive civilized appearance to these service facilities, with the aim of making the community happy, improving the quality of life and enhancing the aesthetic specifications of public facilities. .

The municipality indicated that the number of pedestrian bridges in the city of Abu Dhabi is 26, and is part of the plan to improve and beautify with lighting, where so far the beautification of 3 bridges with creative cosmetic lights has been completed, including the pedestrian bridge next to the Qurum Corniche, the pedestrian bridge next to the Dolphin Park, and the pedestrian bridge on Sheikh Street Rashid bin Saeed in front of “Carrefour”.

The municipality indicated that the lighting was designed to highlight the aesthetic shape of the bridges, and to give fixed and moving lighting and colors that change in proportion to national and international events and events, and can be controlled from the site or controlled remotely.

Various types of modern lighting have been used that are suitable for external installations and are based on the technology of mixing the primary colors red, blue, green and white “RGBW” to give a wide range of color options and flexibility in switching from one color to another. The types of lighting used include: Wall washers, Flood lights, neon flex.

Within the framework of the bridges beautification plan, the municipality pointed out that it is currently working to provide two pedestrian bridges on Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street opposite Al Mushrif Mall, and opposite the Communications Building with cosmetic lighting, as well as a pedestrian bridge on Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed the First Street opposite the bus station in Abu Dhabi.

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