Banjarnegara accuses Regent of rising Covid-19 cases as hospitals pursue claims for patient treatment costs

BANJARNEGARA, – Banjarnegara state guardian video, Budi Sarono is back in the public spotlight.

This time around, the trustee, known as Wing Chin, has accused the hospital of playing the game of claiming the cost of treating Covid-19 patients.

The reason is that the cost of treating Covid-19 patients can be claimed by the hospital at a fantastic value.

According to Wing Chin, the rogue hospital’s modus operandi started from the difference between the PCR and laboratory examination results.

“I don’t know if it’s conditional, and I don’t understand if it has an interest in you being conditional. Because now it’s so good, if you’re isolated in a hospital, it’s totally a claim. And I understand too,” Wing Chin said in a 3-minute video and 8 seconds.

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In the video, Wing Chin also claimed that he met directly with the hospital’s sales marketing.

He said sales would receive an honorary reward for each patient who was successfully persuaded to be admitted to the hospital.

“Yesterday I met a vendor. There is a vendor called Bejo, who is looking for (Covid-19) patients to be accommodated (treated) in the hospital. If they are accommodated by their own vehicle, it will be 200,000 rupees, but if they are transported by ambulance, the reward is 100,000 rupees.”

According to him, this sick mafia has raised the number of Covid-19 in a number of regions.

Exorbitant profits are making hospitals compete to find Covid-19 patients.

In fact, he continued, sales of Covid-19 patients were comparable to sales of cigarettes who were wandering around looking for customers.

“Come, let’s realize, let’s turn, we don’t have to look for all kinds of things. How can we serve good people, mutual cooperation. God willing, if we really implement Pancasila, Indonesia will be strong,” he said.

When asked for confirmation regarding the video, Wing Chin confirmed that he was in the viral video.

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The video was taken about a week ago in the Regent’s office.

“Yes, I spoke in the video,” Wing Chen said.

Wing Chen said many hospitals in his area are fighting for Covid-19 patients.

Considering the minimum claim for the care of Covid-19 patients is IDR 6.25 million to IDR 10 million per day.

“So the claims of this hospital in Banjarnegara Regency, if you monitor it, is fighting over Covid-19 patients because the standard is very good. What I know so far is that a report from my office costs a minimum of Rs.6,250,000, a maximum of Rs 10 million. in a day “.

He continued, “After I asked the relevant agency, if this person is taking up to 6 months of hospitalization, what about this claim. This claim was given a maximum time limit of only two weeks.”

The lure of this claim made many hospitals vying to find Covid-19 patients.

In fact, many hospitals are finally adding quarantine rooms for Covid-19 patients to boost profits.

“In our village, this is a small town, if there are at least 6,250,000 rupees in a day that interests a lot of people. So what we are looking for on average is all the Covid patients, and if they are surveyed, among the 10 people positive for Covid are 7 or 6.) And now it’s going up. Hospitals are full of full quarantine places. And this is in a race to get quarantined again.”

Wing Chin hopes the central government will step down to toughen up the claims vetting process.

The reason is that he admitted that he had received reports of different PCR results between the hospital and a laboratory.

“Because I’ve had several reports, someone had a positive test on a Hospital A swab, in a really professional lab, and the result was negative. The hours are the same, only 10 minutes difference, at the time of a procedure and he concluded that one swab was negative and the other positive.” And if possible, the central government will cut back on truly independent research and development.”


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