Bioethics bill was finally adopted, including PMA for all, as its main measure مقياس

On Tuesday, the National Assembly adopted, in final reading, the bioethics bill, through a final and wide vote.

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societal progress for some, “forced passage” for others. After two years of work, Parliament finally adopted, Tuesday, June 29, the bioethics bill and its main measure to open assisted reproduction to all women, with the aim of speedy implementation after the last resort of opponents. 326 deputies voted against 115 deputies, and 42 did not speak.

Application scripts are prepared for “That the first children can be had before the end of 2021”Health Minister Olivier promised وعد Ferran. “It’s a beautiful day for our country,” he welcomed on franceinfo, and even a “historic day” at Five-year period of progress, according to the leader of LREM deputies Christophe Castaner. However, an appeal to the Constitutional Council of Representatives (LR) and the UDI in particular could delay the law’s passage by a few weeks.

The extension of medically assisted procreation to single couples and women has been waited for years by LGBT associations, as is already permitted in many European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Great Britain…

This is “Nine years of pregnancy and a painful birth”, regrets to Inter-LGBT, when Gaylib “afraid” That the process does not reach the end. François Hollande, promised by Emmanuel Macron, reminded him that the first, and perhaps the only major, social reform of the five-year period was delayed, notably by the Covid-19 crisis, making “to lose” Some chances of pregnancy, we regret these associations. On the contrary, La Manif pour tous denounced a “valid paragraph” with disapproval “systematic” from “Any modification to the initial project”. With other associations and with the support of the Catholic episcopate, the movement mobilized over the course of months tens of thousands of people against “The Monetary Authority without a father”.


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