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The Evidence sources Which led to the indictment 52 belonging to the prison police To beat and torture the inmates of Santa Maria Capua in vetere was eavesdropping and the camera photos Inside the prison. The first was attached to the precautionary measures issued by the judiciary. It was the last instead It was published by the newspaper “Domani”. . The photos unequivocally prove what the testimonies already collected by the judiciary have highlighted.

as a result of revolution in prison, exploded after some cases of Covid and when the situation was reported now under control, part of a kind punitive campaign by probation officers (“We slaughter them like calves” One of the messages that heralded the work was: You see the prisoners coming It was passed between the wings of men in uniform (Many of them covered their faces with helmets) They were kicked and punched with batons. Some are dragged by force, others are severely beaten after falling to the ground. The blows were not delivered Not even a lonely person in a wheelchair. Other prisoners are forced to cross the room on their knees, always being clubbed and beaten.

The agents don’t seem to care at first that the cameras resume their attack but then – once they learn of the prosecutor’s investigation – will try to tamper with it or delete it. Judiciary appeals against 52 suspects They are all suspended from service – Also a crime torture. The leader of the league expressed his solidarity with the customers Matteo Salvini It is the brothers of Italy Georgia Meloni.

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