Covid 19: A 103-year-old Ashburton woman is considering a vaccine again

Ashburton resident Doris Wakelin is still not sure if she needs a Covid-19 injection. Photography by Adam Burns

A 104-year-old Ashburton woman next month thinks a Covid shot is unnecessary, despite falling into a high-risk group of vaccines.

Doris Wakelin thinks she’s headed to “the end of the road” and that getting vaccinated isn’t worth it.

“I know two or three elderly people who have already had it and become very ill after that,” she said.

“I was wondering if it was worth all the effort.

“After all I’ll be 104, do I really need it?”

Due to her age, Wakelin falls into Group 3 of the vaccine rollout categories and says she has not received any advice on the matter.

“No one mentioned it, I thought my doctor mentioned it.”

Reservations are now open for this group although some vulnerable residents may have to wait until at least the end of next month due to shortages across the country.

However, until last week’s local developments where it was revealed that a Sydney man had traveled to Wellington while infected with the delta form of the virus, Wakelin was indifferent to the vaccine.

“The only thing that worries me is the more widespread virus they have found in Wellington,” she said.

“It made me realize more that he was getting closer to home.

“So I have a lot of thinking to do if I’m going to do it or if I’m not going to do it.”

Although she is not as graceful as she once was, she goes out in the community a few times a month.

Corona virus disease

She said the risks of contracting the Covid virus were less of a concern compared to fluctuating temperatures and other health issues.

“I can’t stand having pneumonia,” she said.

“If you find out, it’s curtains…because your immune system is deteriorating.”


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