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The suspect knows of Habib’s murder in court

Dreaming of freedom while nervously waiting for her case to be called, Melody Nkomo’s troubled life is plunged into more darkness when she learns of the murder of her lover.

The 39-year-old Zimbabwean has been on remand in Mahalabi prison since her arrest last March.

On Tuesday, she appeared in Francistown Magistrates Court on charges of entering the country illegally as well as planting two plants suspected of being DJ.

Unfortunately, there were no “victories” for Nkomo in court.

Roughly five minutes before she reached the stage, Nkomo was informed that her boyfriend, Kilbogili Kaisara, had been brutally stabbed to death just three days earlier.

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Caesara’s suspected killer, 24-year-old Obusitswe Molosiwa had actually stood in the same courtroom hours earlier.

However, consumed by her own troubles, Nkomo was not attentive and missed the tiniest detail when the charges against Molusiwa were read out.

“That is why I am not feeling well since this morning. The one who died was my friend, we stayed together at Monarch. That is why the person who just told me of my friend’s death is ignoring me in court. I tried to talk to him and he was evasive,” Nkomo’s voice was heard. Shocked as he tells the person sitting near her.

By the time her case was called, the shock of grief had subsided.

Nkomo, choked with tears and choked with emotion, pleaded for mercy.

“The one who died is the one I thought would pay me the fine that will be charged to me in court. Since I was staying with him I left my belongings with him, now he is dead and I don’t know what will happen to them.

“I implore this court to be lenient in sentencing me and I ask to be allowed to bury my friend.”

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Probably touched by the stricken woman’s plea, though she was not released, the head of the peace, Thabang Chokwe promised to contact prison officials to ensure she would be allowed to attend the funeral.

Nkomo has been in prison since her arrest on March 9, 2020, when she was arrested by police in District 9 Monarch and charged with entering Botswana through an undisclosed point. On the same day, she was also accused of illegally growing two plants weighing 9.7 grams, suspected to be cannabis.

On the first count, which she pleaded guilty, Nkomo P1,500 was fined, resulting in a retroactive six-month prison sentence.

Since she has already spent more than a year behind bars, the sentence is considered to have expired.

In keeping with today’s mood, the good news was bittersweet, however, as Nkomo was told she would remain in prison for the drug case.

The court is scheduled to hear again on July 22. The grieving suspect will hope that no more nasty surprises wait for her next appearance!

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