DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is ready to implement emergency PPKM


The rhetoric regarding PPKM’s emergency implementation has emerged in line with the increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. So, is DKI Jakarta provincial government ready to implement emergency PPKM?

“God willing, DKI is ready from the start. Whatever policy the central government decides, DKI is ready to implement it in the best possible way”, DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Reza Patria said at DKI Jakarta City Hall, Jalā Maidan Merdeka Slatan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (29/6/2021).

Reza said the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government arranged a meeting with Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Minku Marvis) Luhut Bensar Pandjitan. Politician Grendra emphasized that a new policy would be developed in the near future.

“In any case, there will be new policies to be taken, but we are waiting for the details that will be announced from the government, from the central work team, from the concerned coordinating minister,” he explained.

Spokeswoman for Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Jodi Mahardi earlier confirmed that President Jokowi has appointed Luhut as PPKM Emergency Coordinator for Java and Bali islands. Work is currently underway to tighten.

“It is true that Mr. President Jokowi has appointed the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries as the PPKM Emergency Coordinator for the islands of Java and Bali. The tightening measures to be taken are being drafted. An official announcement will be made directly by Mr. President Jokowi.”

The core sector will continue to operate for a shorter period. Residents are asked not to panic about this PPKM emergency plan.

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