Dr. Safire in an interview with Trump: Everything with COVID was ‘politicised’ from the start

Dr. Nicole Safire, a medical contributor to Fox News, joined Fox and Friends and attacked Democratic politicians for politicizing the pandemic. Saffir discussed her new Fox Nation interview with former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly pointed to a lab in Wuhan, China, as the source of COVID-19.

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NICOLE SAVIER: We’ve been talking about China for a year and a half, and unfortunately, as we’ve seen with the pandemic, everything has been politicized and the fact that people have continued to dismiss the possibility that the virus won’t emerge naturally keeps telling you that this is still more political than anything else.

Initially, the President and Mike Pompeo at the time were saying it likely came from the Wuhan lab, but they didn’t stick with it when there was a lot of opposition because they had other things to do until President Trump made the Secretary of Defense continue to look into it, but that wasn’t main talking point. The president focused on controlling the epidemic and did what he could, but the Democrats for some reason, because everything Trump was doing at the time was calling it xenophobic or racist or whatever.

This should not be partisan because this is a matter of national security. There should be an investigation into that. Not because there’s someone to blame, but because we need to make sure this never happens to us again, and if it comes from that lab, we really have to make sure, as a scientist, that we work together to make sure that these lab leaks don’t lead To such a crisis again.

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