Fernán Quirós explained how the second dose would be applied and said: “Only one dose is not very strong to avoid delta variable infection.”

At the usual Tuesday conference in which he talks about the health situation in the city of Buenos Aires, the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires said, Fernan Koiros, explained how the application of the second dose of the Corona virus vaccine will be from the contracted laboratories in Argentina, an issue that has been the subject of controversy in recent days due to the lack of the 2nd component of Sputnik V and before the imminent arrival of the Delta variant.

“We have made the decision to shorten each dose of the vaccines in the shortest possible time to reach as many people as possible with the two doses. It will be a four-week period between doses of Sinopharm. AstraZeneca is the same. And we are waiting for a shipment that arrives today and will deliver us tomorrow or after the second day of Sputnik because we already have a group of people who have completed the three months this week,” the official said.

In addition, he recognizes the seriousness of the delta strain that has already been discovered in Argentina but cases have been isolated and there is still no community circulation, and the low efficacy of state-owned vaccines: “It should be clarified that a single dose is not very strong to avoid infection. They hardly avoid 30% or 35%. It is much stronger for serious or fatal diseases. It does not have good infection protection, That is why infection persists in the community. This is the breed’s problem.”

Despite this, the official cautioned, “with AstraZeneca, seen with Pfizer, and likely to be repeated with other vaccines, when the interval is wider, the immune response at the end of the second is a little longer.” hold it “Especially in AstraZeneca it is recommended not to shorten the interval too much as it reduces the yield of the complete vaccination” Although given the arrival of the delta, he admitted that vaccination schedules should be accelerated: “We don’t have to extend them so much that we adjust the interval in each vaccine at every moment.”

Entry to Argentina is limited to 600 people per day (Tillam)

“at this time, Given the possibility that in the near or near future we will have delta variable trading, what we did was shorten the periods as much as we could. In the case of Sputnik, it is highly dependent on the arrival of vaccines in Argentina. As long as we have it, we will apply it,” he summarized.

Quiros also noted the arrival of people from abroad and ratified that, as has been happening for several months, those entering Argentina and testing positive for coronavirus will have to pay the hotel to perform the isolation: “It’s responsible to the people, that’s what the national regulations say,” remembered.

He detailed the procedure again: “They are asked to get a negative PCR test before boarding the plane and upon arrival a new test is taken. A hotel is offered to positive people or those who have no place to isolate themselves. They are there for 10 days until the PCR is performed outside, which is 7 from the time of their arrival. The negatives go to your home. A very intensive device for house calls is being applied to do the daily monitoring, to give support to the daily operational management so that they do not need to leave and visit face to face to ensure that everything we discuss is fulfilled within 7 days PCR is done to make sure there is no infection.”

At the end of the conference, the head of the Buenos Aires health file was consulted about the latest measure ordered by the government regarding the maximum entry to Argentina of 600 people per day. In this regard, he asserted that “there is no exact number (to put an end), it is impossible to calculate” but said: “We have to do everything we can to reduce as many trips as possible.”

“Everyone independently, has no basic need to travel, we are postponing as many flights as possible. Everyone who comes can bring this alternative and when it reaches the circulation of the community it becomes very difficult to controlComplete, especially next month or month and a half to complete the vaccination you have to try to be the wisest.

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