Grillo: “Conte will not be able to solve the problems of the M5s, he has no political vision”

M5s . House of Representatives was held – After the response of the founder M5s to the former prime minister, with whom Grillo effectively put an end to the Conte project, the assembly of the group of deputies convened on Wednesday at 19, in any case at the end of the proceedings of the M5s chamber. On the agenda is Showdown on M5s.

Grillo: “Da Conte’s collective deception” – According to Grillo, “Conte can create the collective (and momentary) illusion of solving the electoral problem, but electoral consensus is not our real problem. Consensus is only the effect of real causes, the image that projects projects onto the mirror. Conte has neither political vision nor management skills.”

“I don’t allow M5s to be a single member”

“We cannot allow a movement created to spread direct and participatory democracy to transform itself into a one-man party governed by seventeenth century law,” Grillo wrote again in response to Giuseppe Conte’s press conference on Monday.

“Take responsibility for everyone, not just one”

Guarantor says to M5s: “Horizontal organizations like ours can’t do this by delegating the solution to someone because they won’t be able to assimilate and implement that solution, but have to start an opposite process: to do so that the solution that is identified, in a joint way , it is accommodated with strong responsibility on the part of everyone and not just one person. The real transformation of an organization like ours happens only in this way. Individuals in horizontal organizations are basically the reason for their failure.”

“I refer to the vote on Rousseau for the Steering Committee”

The Guarantor and Founder of M5s then announced: “I refer to the online consultation of the members of the 5 Star Movement for the election of the Steering Committee, which will be held in Rosso. I have therefore asked David Casaleggio to allow this vote to take place on the platform and he has agreed. Then I will ask the newly elected Steering Committee to draw up a plan of action from Now and until 2023.”

“The steering committee will approve the vision between now and 2050.” Grillo then explains that the Steering Committee will have the task of defining “something concrete, indicating goals, resources, times and ways of real engagement, and above all, agreeing on a long-term vision, up to 2050. That’s what citizens, members and voters are waiting for. A clear vision of where who we want to go to and how. Why, what and how. It has always been our strength: letting everyone know what the journey will be like and welcoming those who are willing to walk the long way.”

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