Hard-line rabbinic leadership: 12-year-olds should be vaccinated

Two of the leading rabbis in the ultra-Orthodox world, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, have called for all children 12 years of age and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The two rabbis announced their support for the move in a letter published in a newspaper Yated Neiman A hard-line daily newspaper published on Tuesday by prominent Bnei Brak physician Dr. Meshulam Hart.

Hart, who is Kanevsky’s personal physician, noted the recent rise in COVID-19 infections especially among unvaccinated children and young adults, a phenomenon that emerged after the delta variant entered the country, and said that this posed a threat to life and again threatened to close educational institutions.

“We have given all medical opinions to Rabbi Kanievsky and Rabbi Edelstein,” Hart wrote. “Because there is danger and concern about loss of life, including among the elderly, and there is also a real threat of cancellation of Torah study and the closure of educational institutions and seminaries, all students, boys and girls, aged 12 and over who do not know for sure that they were As well [previously] Those infected with corona should be vaccinated according to the doctors’ instructions.”

The letter stated that the medical opinions were presented to the two rabbis, who gave instructions to publish them in the newspaper.

Rates of COVID-19 infection have been very high among the ultra-Orthodox community, especially among the young.

Non-compliance with government health regulations, coupled with crowded living conditions, large families and the ultra-Orthodox community’s heavy focus on communal gatherings, has led to an outbreak of the virus within the sector.

Kanievsky and Edelstein, along with other ultra-Orthodox rabbis, were strongly supportive of vaccination campaigns.

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