HBO Max launches outside the US in 39 new territories

HBO Max launches in 39 territories in Latin America and the Caribbean today, expanding service outside the United States and US territories for the first time.

A company spokesperson said the main difference for launching in Latin America is that there will be no ad-supported plan like in the US. the edge. Alternatively, subscribers in Latin America will have the option to subscribe to a mobile-only plan that supports SD streaming and up to five title downloads, or they can choose a standard plan that supports five profiles, up to three concurrent users, up to 30 title downloads, and Broadcast in HD in HD and 4K quality wherever available. Prices vary based on the region.

“With our launch today, we are introducing our global platform and bringing an entirely new user experience to millions of fans across Latin America and the Caribbean,” Johannes Larcher, President of HBO Max International, said in a statement.

As part of the rollout, the company said it will produce 100 indigenous originals in Latin America over the next two years. In addition, UEFA Champions League events will become available to subscribers in Mexico and Brazil later this year, the company said. A spokesperson for HBO Max said the edge The local originals are only being produced in Latin America at the moment. There will be no Caribbean origins.

To fine-tune the deal, the company is offering the service to new subscribers in Latin America and the Caribbean at a 50 percent discount as long as they keep their subscription if they sign up before July 31.

The launch makes HBO Max available to US subscribers who travel in these newly supported regions, as long as they are in the ad-free service category, the company said in a press release. Likewise, subscribers in Latin America will be able to stream HBO Max when traveling in the United States. As part of its global expansion, HBO Max is expected to launch in Europe later this year.

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