Kevin Federline addresses Britney Spears

Add Kevin Federline to list Britney Spears supporters.

Less than a week after his ex-wife gave a shocking testimony about her 13-year battle in the county, Kevin’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, revealed father of six thoughts in this regard. Federline focuses on his sons and the kids of Spurs Shunand 15 and Jayden, 14 years old, Kaplan noted. Kaplan shared a statement on June 29 saying, “The best thing is for their mother to be healthy and happy.” People. “And if neither of those things are true, it doesn’t provide the best place for a nursery practice.”

As for Federline, who ended his three-year marriage with Spears in 2007, Kaplan continued, “He definitely respects Britney and just hopes it’s the best for her because when the best for her comes, it’s what’s best for their kids,” Kaplan continued. . “Children love their mother and want a healthy and strong relationship.”

Acknowledging the accusations made by Spears with her testimony, Kaplan added, “Britney has not been well served by the guardianship and she does not agree with what she wants.” Kaplan also shared that he feels that Spears should be able to end the tutelage that has been in place since the singer was hospitalized in 2008, saying, “I think she should be able to challenge that. And if that’s what’s best for her, Kevin supports her.”

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