Lifting the ban on layoffs, there is an agreement between the government and unions on the use of social safety nets

From Cig to Solidarity Contracts

What is new is that companies are now pledging to use all the tools at their disposal including layoffs, but also defensive and extended solidarity contracts, and agreements to reduce working hours before layoffs. This is the fulcrum of the joint notification signed at Palazzo Chigi between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando and the trustees of Cgil, Cils and Uil along with Confindustria, Confapi and the government-sponsored cooperation scheme. A permanent discussion table is also opened to monitor employment trends at this stage of the post-Covid resumption of activity. Accordingly, the rules for stopping the dismissals passed on Monday do not change and the Cabinet will approve the decree confirming the ban only for the textile, fashion and footwear sectors. But there is an obligation to use 13 weeks of regular Cig for each person.

CGIL-CISL-UIL: “Important signal, now standoff over reforms” The agreement is an important signal. CGIL, CISL and UIL say this after the meeting at Palazzo Chigi. “Tonight is an important first step,” CISL Secretary Luigi Spara explains. Secretary-General Oel Pierpaolo Bombardieri stresses that “the response is being given to many people who have concerns”. “It is the result of the mobilization that took place on Saturday, produced by the union unit. In this announcement, discussion of shock absorber reform and active policies is expected to begin,” adds the leader. From CGIL Maurizio Landini.

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