Marseille: Two young men shot dead in cities

Two young men in their twenties were shot dead on the night of Monday and Tuesday in two deprived areas of Marseille, four days after a similar tragedy on Friday in the city of Marseille.

Just before midnight, a 20-year-old was found dead on a street in Bassin in the 15th arrondissement. Another 19-year-old was wounded and targeted by the same shooters, as we learned from the Prosecutor’s Office in Marseille.

The public prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille, Dominique Lorenz, said that one of the two victims was known to justice, without further details. The judicial police were arrested in the investigation.

Antecedents in the Northern Provinces

Later that night, around 4 am, another young man was shot dead in Fries-Vallon, in the 13th arrondissement, as we learned from a police source, confirming information from the daily La Provence.

On Friday, in the 15th arrondissement, still in these northern areas of the city, two men participating in the Intercity Football Tournament were shot dead when they just left the stadium. One was killed while the other was seriously injured.

The course of settling scores is characteristic in this case, in a city plagued by drug smuggling.

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