MLB suspends Hector Santiago’s 10 games for use of foreign substances المواد

Major League Baseball announced Tuesday that the Mariners are running Hector Santiago He was suspended 10 games and fined an undisclosed amount for possession of a foreign substance on his glove in the fifth inning of Sunday’s game against the White Sox. Santiago appeals the decision.

Mariners coach Scott Service said after the game that referee Phil Cozy was wrong and that there was no illegal substance in Santiago’s glove – only rosin (which is allowed under MLB rules) and sweat. The League, having made an analysis of Santiago’s glove, clearly disagrees and has chosen to punish the veteran leftist. Santiago’s membership will remain suspended until the appeal process is completed. As Jeff Bassan of ESPNسان TweetsSantiago’s case will now be heard by the referee serving in Major League Baseball, which rules out the possibility of the suspension being overturned. Bassan suggests that it can be reduced.

The 33-year-old Santiago has been very effective with the Mariners so far in 2021 after not playing in the major leagues last season. He worked on a 2.65 ERA with a 23 to 7 K/BB ratio in 17 rounds of action. The strike rate of 32.4 percent this year is easily the highest job level, which would raise some eyebrows in light of the suspension, but it should be noted that Santiago has not seen any noticeable increase in turnover this year. In fact, the spin on his four-stud quickball is down from his previous levels, while the spin on his slider is perfectly in line with his career markers.

Under the league’s new enforcement policy on foreign substances, the Mariners will not be able to replace Santiago on the roster if his suspension is already upheld. They will have to play a man while serving his sentence.

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