PPKM tightening likely to be announced tomorrow

Jakarta, KOMPAS.com DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Raza Patria said that the tightening of restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) is likely to be announced on Wednesday (30/6/2021).

He said the DKI county government along with many other counties will continue to discuss the tightening policy with the central government.

And Reda said in an audio recording, Tuesday (29/6/2021): “Maybe it has been delivered tomorrow, we just have to wait, tomorrow morning (we are still) we will have another meeting.”

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Raza said that today many points related to the tightening of PPKM were discussed with many other regional presidents and concerned ministers.

He said the detailed rules would be provided by the central government.

“In detail, I am not wise if I convey it in advance, what will the Coordinating Minister (Coordinating Minister) say later,” Reda said.

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Overall, Raza said, the central government considers that there is a need for more serious tightening of the PPKM implementation that is currently being implemented.

“In principle, there should be a tightening, that’s all I can say, yes. The Coordinating Minister and his staff see the need for an increase in tightening from the list,” he said.


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