Sasari, 5-month-old girl dying due to a plastic bag wrapped around her head: her parents’ investigation –

A plastic bag around the head, a phone call to 118 parents, then a desperate rush to the pediatric emergency room in Aou in Sassari where doctors tried for 12 minutes to resuscitate a little girl just 5 months old. The maneuver succeeded and the little one slowly settled down. Then it was decided to transfer, last June 6, to Gaslini Children’s Hospital in Genoa thanks to a flight provided by the Air Force. Now, the young girl is in dangerous but stable conditions, not losing her balance from the Ligurian structure. He struggles by clinging to life with extraordinary force, but there is also a fear of damage that may be caused by the prolonged absence of oxygen to the brain.


A girl who lived with her family in the Piandanna nomadic camp, on the outskirts of Sassari, was in danger of suffocation while in her bed, and investigators investigate the dynamics that opened a file. According to her mother, The child was in bed after feeding and sleeping. On the other hand, she was changing the dress to another one of her four other kids. Her 4-year-old brother was playing next to the baby and her mother was asking her to watch the little girl until she came back. At some point, the child sensed that something was happening, and again in his mother’s story, he tried to call his little sister and move her but saw that she was still: he ran away, frightened, at which point she felt danger and would find her lifeless. She was asking her husband for help and they would try to revive her together but nothing, she showed no signs of life. So they were asking for help. The little girl arrived at the hospital in a very serious condition: a cold, no heartbeat, practically dead. Sanitation workers are hired 12 minutes to reviveFortunately, successfully. Then escape to Genoa where he is still between life and death.


Meanwhile, the prosecutor is investigating Sassari on several fronts. Deputy Public Prosecutor Paolo Peras, a health expert, is coordinating the investigations conducted by Nass Carabinieri to clarify the dynamics and stages of the rescue. Investigators do not rule out any hypothesis including hypothesis Little brother might, for fun, have put the bag on the little girl’s head. Meanwhile, the parents assume the premise of abandoning the minor and investigators are trying to clarify how long the child has been unsupervised, without direct parental control. The Prosecutor of the Juvenile Court, Luisella Fino, also asked President Guido Viccione, Immediate suspension of parental responsibility for father and mother. The hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, 1 July. In our opinion there are no conditions – comments of parents’ lawyers – we are talking about a family that has no precedent towards other children, we are not talking about an abusive family. In fact, those of us who have known them for some time have always been shocked by the special care and concern for their children.

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