SEC strength for 2021 schedule rankings: Auburn faces a shocking slate, Texas A&M has a chance to navigate early

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandated that every team in the conference play at least one Power Five game outside of the conference each season, which is a big factor in determining the toughest schedules in the nation’s top college football conference. These games, along with the SEC’s regular cross-games, divisions at home and abroad, and where scheduled farewell weeks can make or break entire seasons no matter how talented or well-trained a team is.

There are many interesting games in 2021, starting with Georgia’s position-neutral game versus Clemson in the opener, Florida’s early home test versus Alabama and LSU’s trip to Tuscaloosa in an effort to replicate the thrilling 2019 movie.

So what are the toughest and easiest SEC schedules for next season? Let’s split them up each team.

The power of scheduling arrangement

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