The unusual novel of the outlaw couple

France 5 – Tuesday, June 29, 8.50pm – Documentary

Patrick Balkany is a trampoline. Patrick Balkany plays table tennis. Patrick Balkany in a tractor, Patrick Balkany in a gondola, Patrick Balkany in a firefighter, who descends from the slope of the barracks. The amusing archival photos that spread are salt The fall of the Balkan house A documentary was broadcast on the eve of the Court of Cassation ruling that could definitively end the judicial marathon started two years ago by the ex-mayor of Levallois-Perret and his wife, his first deputy, and longtime right-hand man, Isabel.

Sentenced in 2019 to charges of “tax fraud” and “tax fraud laundering,” convicted again on appeal in 2020, the couple, who lives with an electronic ankle bracelet, hope to keep the Giverny plant, which has been announced forfeited. The documentary begins in their Norman luxury home, which doubles as a back and forth between these latest appearances before the judges and the many acts that punctuate four decades of extraordinary political life, from the 1983 seizure of Levallois-Perrett town hall to the inevitable forced resignation, in 2020.

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Experts won’t learn anything new, but the best of this Balkany will fill in the gaps for those who haven’t followed all the episodes of the untold duo’s saga, which will have crossed existence like a feature film – Patrick Balkany had an ephemeral career as an actor, she showed us some photos from him. They will enjoy or abuse the excesses that have become the hallmark of the couple, and the embodiment of politics as it no longer happens. They’ll see the former mayor prepare a tearful Lavaloisine for blowing up PV, calling for a protester “pedal” Or steal his camera from a journalist and the nickname Isabel “grain of rice” An Asian employee in the town hall.

Thinardier Hauts de Seine

Numerous witnesses–allies or opponents, police officers, judges and journalists–failed to trace their political successes, financial corruption, and legal troubles with a wealth of anecdotes–we could have listened for hours to the home of Didier Schuller, a traitorous ex-soldier who would end up betrayed in turn.

The documentary details their lavish lifestyle, and vividly summarizes the opaque financial arrangements behind which were hidden the lavish island villas of Saint Martin or the palm grove of Marrakesh, which were confiscated by the courts, also from this couple. Unsinkable, which ended up taking water anyway. Protecting Charles Pasqua, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy will not prevent the fall of Thinardier Hauts de Seine.

According to legend, on the evening of the arrest of Levallois in 1983, Isabel Balkany shot the relatives: “Now it should come to fruition.” During the first trial in 2019, Patrick Balkany repeated to anyone who wanted to hear it: When we started politics, we were rich; We end up poor. “ A good summary of this extraordinary and outlaw saga.

It was written. The fall of the Balkan houseAn unprecedented film by Felix Seger narrated by Karim Rasouli on France 5.

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