Toppedia Answers Megawati’s Criticism of Foreign Products Produc — The fifth President of the Republic of Indonesia Megawati Soekarnoputri recently criticized the online trading platform, Tokopedia, for being fond of offering foreign-made products.

Megawati concluded this based on her own experience, when she was exploring the platform E-Commerce It is filled with green.

“I can you know Some criticism, yes, it’s constructive criticism, why? If I Surf the Internet In Tokopedia, why is it always presented now, now? you know Means it can change later, these are the things made Megawati said in an event broadcast on Megawati Institute’s YouTube account on Tuesday (29/6/2021).

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In response, Nourini Razak, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Tokopedia, claimed that: E-Commerce It was entirely William Tanuijaya’s pilot the shop for local actors.

That is, Tokopedia only processes transactions from buyers and sellers (dealer) From Indonesia.

“Vendors in Tokopedia are nearly 100 percent of local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), so that the Indonesian market is fully enjoyed by local business players and the economy revolves throughout the country,” Compass TechnoTuesday (29/6/2021) at night.

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Al-Nourini added that Tocopedia did not provide opportunities or facilities dealer Foreigners who come from outside Indonesia, sell their products on Tokopedia.

However, regarding products, Noraini did not clarify whether or not Tokopedia sells various items not made in Indonesia, as Megawati previously reported.

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It is clear that Megawati’s criticism was raised by Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who stressed that all parties help local MSMEs.

In line with Jokowi, Megawati also believes that MSMEs should be helped because they value a love of Indonesian culture, but the current business situation is fragile.

“I said why they’re so fragile, because they don’t know what they’re called how to try, that’s why I said they’re fragile, and it’s very easy, sorry, to be fooled,” Megawati said.

To help MSMEs, the PDI-P General Chair also encouraged young people who have succeeded in providing opportunities for small communities to develop.

“Not only for the upper middle class, but for the rootsFor people, to be able to enjoy the same success as you (young people who succeeded), Megawati added.”


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