Tour De France cyclists stage protest for safer conditions after propeller crash | Ovarian Report

Michael Steele / Getty Images

Tour de France riders abruptly stopped riding for about a minute on Tuesday’s fourth stage as an act of protest against unsafe conditions.

The protest comes days after a fan hit a contestant with a flag, causing several contestants to be dropped.

Accidents marred the first three days of operation, leading the riders to act in solidarity to demand safer conditions.

After protesting, the riders climbed about 10 kilometers to the podium at a slow rate of speed to confirm their displeasure.

“Following the collisions that occurred during the third stage of the Tour de France, the riders discussed how they would like to proceed by demonstrating their dissatisfaction with the safety measures in place and asking that their concerns be taken seriously,” the riders union said in a statement. .

“Their frustration with predictable and preventable actions is enormous.”

Several drivers were injured during the first phase when the woman caused the pile up. The Tour de France said it plans to prosecute the unnamed woman who fled France and authorities have not been able to locate her.

There were other safety issues, including cyclists gathering on narrow roads, which led to an accident on Monday’s third stage.

The riders asked the Tour to consider putting in place the “three kilometer rule”, which calls for timings to be set three kilometers before the finish line to ensure driver safety.

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