Ultra-Orthodox MK compares Reform Jews to pigs

United Torah Judaism MK Meir Porush likened Reform Jews and Labor MK Gilad Karev, Reform Rabbi, to pigs in a speech at the Knesset on Monday.

He made his comments in response to Karev’s appointment as head of the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

United Torah Judaism party chairman Moshe Gafni said MKs from the party would not participate in the committee.

Speaking from the podium in the plenary Knesset, Porush denounced Jewish reform, calling it a “new religion” that he tried to pretend to be true.

He said: “He likened Esau to a pig that sat and spread its hooves, and said: I am pure.” What is the repair problem [movement]? They take parts of the Torah, they have a new religion, they spread their hooves and say: “We are pure,” like a pig that spreads its hooves.

Porush said the new government is a “government of hate,” adding that it had decided to appoint Karev, “that man, reform [Jew] In the Knesset, who flaunts his hooves all the time and says: “I am pure.”

“He will head the committee and with his authority he will try to undermine the laws of the Torah, God forbid,” he said.

United Torah Judaism MK Yuri McCliff said Karev represents the reform movement “which seeks to erode the Jewish people with malicious intent.”

“So far, there have been serious discussions in this committee,” he said. “but this [appointment of Kariv as chairman] It was designed to turn it into a scene of violent confrontation.”

“Look what’s going on at the Western Wall,” McCliff said. “The Western Wall is almost the only place where the unity of the Jewish people is expressed, and what are they doing there today? They have turned it into a spectacle of violent confrontation.”

Rabbi Noa Satath, director of the Israel Reform Center, denounced Porush’s remarks, saying he crossed a red line, and that cannot be tolerated.

“The rabbinic establishment is a bully and dangerous monopoly, and MK Porush himself proves it,” she said.

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