How to Check, Download and Print a Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccine

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Vaccine Certificate Could you Verification downloaded (Download) and print it in several ways, either via SMS, website and Peduli Protect app.

The vaccination certificate itself is a sign that shows a person’s vaccination status. This certificate will state whether the person has not been vaccinated, received the first injection, or has completed all stages of vaccination until the second injection. Because, the Covid-19 vaccination has to go through two phases of injection.

The certificate will show a description of the name, NIK, date of birth, vaccine certificate number, date of implementation of the vaccine, accompanied by a QR code.

Since it contains a number of personal information such as NIK number, full name and date of birth, the Ministry of Communications and Information (Kemenkominfo) is appealing to people who have undergone the first and second stages of vaccination against Covid-19 to protect personal data not to distribute the digital certificate.

Kominfo confirmed that digital certificates are used only for personal and private purposes, because the certificate contains a QR Code that must be protected.

“In the QR code there is personal data, so we obtain digital certificates, but at the same time we protect our personal data, by not circulating it for inappropriate purposes,” explained Minister of Communications and Information Johnny J. 16/3.

A vaccination certificate will be obtained for all vaccination participants whether they have been injected with the Sinovac, AstraZeneca or Sinopharm vaccines.

Here’s how to download (DownloadVaccine certificate.

1. Download the Vaccine-19 certificate via SMS

Users will receive an SMS with a link to the vaccination certificate on the Protection page once the first or second vaccination has been completed.

To check the Covid-19 vaccine certification, click the link to bring up the certification.

To download and print the certificate, do the following:
1. Click on the three-dotted menu on the top right of the smartphone in the Chrome browser, and select the down arrow at the top of the panel next to the asterisk and the letter i. A png file will also be downloaded, click open to open the file.
2. An easy way to save the certificate is of course screen capture.
3. To print the certificate, click on the menu, then select Share in the drop-down list, and then select Print in the other box that appears.

How to Check, Download and Print Vaccine Certificates via Web and PeduliLindung Apps

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