Wembley Park stabbing: Teen convicted of killing two sisters after ‘a deal with the devil to win the lottery’ | UK news

A teen was convicted of murdering two sisters in a park last year.

Pappa Henry and her sister Nicole Smallman were celebrating Pepe’s 46th birthday last June when they were attacked and stabbed to death by Daniel Hussein in Wembley, northwest London.

A murder trial at the Old Bailey heard that 19-year-old Daniel Hussein made a strange pact with the devil to kill women in exchange for winning the lottery.

Daniel Hussein in police custody – and the agreement was signed in blood. pic: met the police

Chief Detective Inspector Simon Harding, the officer in charge of the investigation, said Saddam promised to “sacrifice” at least six women every six months in a handwritten agreement with Satan.

Detectives found the letter, signed in the teen’s own blood, when they searched his bedroom at his mother’s south London home in the weeks after the murders.

The letter reads: “To the great king Lucivog Rovocal,” referring to the treasurer of Hell.

And she continued, “Make at least six sacrifices every six months as long as you are free and physically able.”

And she added, “Do not sacrifice only women, and build you a temple, and do everything you promised.”

Under it were the words: “For me” and then: “The jackpot for millions.”

She continued, “For fruitful rewards for the future sacrifices I make to you, the rewards can be wealth and power, no suspicion of any crimes by the police, and also that the police will never know of any crimes I have. I’m done and I will.”

An undated photo released by the Metropolitan Police Daniel Hussein.  Hussain, 19, was convicted at Old Bailey of the murders of sisters Biba Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, after he allegedly sought a blood pact with a demon to kill the women in exchange for winning the lottery.  Release date: Tuesday, July 6, 2021. See PA Story: Wembley Court.  Image credit should read: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire Note to Editors: This published image may only be used for editorial reporting.
Daniel Hussein, 19, was convicted at the Old Bailey of the sisters’ murderقتل

A second letter to the Devil was also found in the teen’s bedroom, promising similar “sacrifices” in exchange for better luck with the opposite sex.

The police believe that the two sisters were not specifically targeted by Hussain, but it was very unfortunate that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The duo was with a group of friends at Fryent Country Park on the evening of June 5 last year.

In addition to celebrating Mrs. Henry’s birthday, the group was also celebrating the partial lifting of the first COVID lockdown.

While the friends were leaving the house, Mrs. Henry and Smallman stayed in the garden until the early hours, taking selfies of themselves dancing in the dark with fairy lights.

In one of the selfies, the two sisters can be seen looking to the side, as if distracted by something.

Police believe this may have been the moment they spotted their killer.

After stabbing them dozens of times, Hussein dragged their bodies to a nearby wooded area.

Days later, while family and friends were scouring the park in a frantic search for the two sisters, Mrs. Smallman’s friend made this shocking discovery and called the police.

It was DNA evidence, and large amounts of Saddam’s blood, that helped the police identify their killer.

Picture of a pillow used by Wembley's sisters, Papa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, the night they were killed
A pillow used by the sisters the night they were killed. pic: met the police

The young man had cut off his hand in the violent and continuous attack and the police were eventually able to find a match with one of Hussain’s relatives in the DNA database.

This enabled them to narrow their search to the teen after they found out he was staying with his father near the park on the night of the murder.

CCTV showed him leaving his father’s house on the evening of June 5 and returning home after 4 a.m. the next morning, without his pants that police believe he got rid of because they were stained with blood.

Other surveillance cameras at the Asda supermarket in the days before the murders showed him buying the block of knives he used in the attack.

Throughout the investigation, Hussain refused to cooperate with the police, and eventually claimed through his defense team that he had not killed the two sisters.

He claimed that his blood was found at the crime scene because he himself was attacked in the park that evening by an unknown assailant.

But DCI Harding said his allegations were absurd and devastating with the discovery of letters to the Devil, written in his own handwriting and signed in his blood.

The chief inspector said he believed Saddam would have continued to kill other women had he not harmed himself and been stopped by the police.

“I really think if he hadn’t cut himself so badly on his hand when he attacked Nicole and Pippa, he would have continued his contract,” said D.C.I. Harding.

“His contract was to kill six women every six months and then through those sacrifices, as he calls them, a demon would reward him with a mega jackpot of millions.”

The chief investigator said Hussain’s motive was so bizarre that it sounded like a plot for a movie.

“It’s absurd in its concept to us, we don’t understand things like that. How he developed this mindset is incredibly strange and deeply disturbing as a person.”

“Immediately after he killed the two sisters, he went and bought his lottery tickets. He holds his contract, which is annoying because he didn’t complete the first part of it after that.

The police searched the items for clues.  pic: met the police
The police searched the items for clues. pic: met the police

“He had to kill four more in those six months. But fortunately, because he injured his hand too much and was unable to use it properly, we got to him and stopped him before he hurt anyone else.”

As horrific as the murders of Henry and Mrs. Smallman were, their families and friends had to endure the added shock of learning that two police officers sent to guard the crime scene had been investigated for misconduct.

Subsequently, the officers were accused of taking unauthorized photos of the victims.

They are scheduled to appear on Old Bailey later this month.

Daniel Hussein has been returned to custody and will be judged at a later time.

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