COVID-19: Jan Castex paves the way for a third dose of the vaccine for the most vulnerable

Will the 26 million French people who now have a full vaccination schedule have to go back to the vaccination centre? While the Executive continues to recall the importance of the vaccine in combating the delta variant, Prime Minister Jean Castix has already paved the way for a third injection on Thursday.

Traveling to Blois as part of the annual conference of the cities of France, the head of government felt it would be necessary “No doubt” A new dose of the vaccine, especially “More likely”. For those who were “Vaccinate first, because they are weak and because this vaccination was done early, we will need a third dose, because the immune defenses are weakened”, did he say.

Like Health Minister Olivier Veran and government spokesman Gabriel Attal, who traveled to Nanterre on Thursday, the Prime Minister, in turn, insisted on the importance of vaccination, that prevents severe forms of disease. “Vaccination is our best weapon against these variables.”

For people who have not become ill, two injections are needed to provide maximum protection, at least three weeks apart. Those who tested positive in the past only need one dose, which acts as a booster vaccine. To date, more than 35 million French people have received at least one injection, or 52.1% of the total population.


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