The death of a pregnant woman rotting in the boarding room, and the police discover violations in both cases

MADIUN, The autopsy results provide new evidence to the police regarding the discovery of the body of 18-year-old Eka Pospita Doi Angreni in a boarding house in Madiun, East Java.

Police found several irregularities that led to the alleged murder.

First, on top of the rotting corpse, there were several bruises believed to have been caused by a blunt instrument.

Head of the Madiun Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Ryan Wera Raja Pratama, said that although several bruises were found on the victim’s head, the police could not conclude that this was a murder case or not.

We are still conducting more investigations whether it was a murder or a suicide. Raja told, Wednesday (14/7/2021).

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The king said bruises were found on the victim’s head and sides.

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The number is not small.

“The bruises are not small, there are many things. If he’s bruised, we don’t know yet,” said the king.

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The former chief of Magitan Police Satriskrem said that when the victim’s body was autopsied, the medical team took several samples from internal organs such as the stomach for examination in a forensic laboratory.

The reason, while investigating the crime scene, the police found some drugs in the victim’s room.

In addition to the autopsy results, the police also found a man’s identification card (KTP) in the victim’s room.

The king said anyone involved in the victim’s death would be questioned by investigators.

Even friends, neighbors or relatives who know of the victim’s death are immediately called by investigators.

The victim is pregnant

The police will also examine the man or girlfriend who carried the victim.

The reason, when the autopsy was known that the victim was in a large state of pregnancy.

In fact, the victim should go into labor soon.

“The important point is that we are going to name the people we suspect of having ties to Ica,” Raja said.

According to the king, the examination in the forensic laboratory will not take long.

The results of the examination are necessary to establish whether the victim has been killed.


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