What vaccine is applied in each vaccination center in the city of Buenos Aires

The city government of Buenos Aires authorized On his web page A list that allows you to see which vaccines will be available in your vaccines on certain dates. The option is useful for people who have not yet been vaccinated and have the possibility to make a rotation.

Information is subject to last minute modifications. “The tool is not designed so that people choose which vaccine to give themselves, but to add more transparency to the vaccination campaign”, they explained in the government of Buenos Aires.

Except in the specific cases where people arrive with a medical indication that prevents them from applying a particular formula, Buenos Aires residents do not have the possibility to choose which vaccine they want to apply. They usually find out at the door of the vaccination center what injections are available that day. In rare cases, there are people who prefer to cancel the shift and wait for batches from other laboratories to enter.

in the place It can be noted, for example, that today, Tuesday 20, only Roca Park and the Communication Club have doses of the vaccine produced by the AstraZeneca laboratory and the University of Oxford, while Sinopharma is available in the rest of the publications.

On the following days – Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 – there will be exclusive doses of Sinopharm in all authorized places.

The Moderna vaccines donated by the United States last week have not yet been distributed to jurisdictions. The Minister of Health, Fernán Quiros, confirmed that they are waiting for permission from the regulatory bodies to allocate them to the palace.

The vaccination campaign against COVID-19 began in the country on December 29, 2020 and There are three formulas available so far (not counting Moderna’s brand new income, which has yet to go into effect).

Russian Sputnik V Vaccine, of recombinant adenoviruses, which consist of two components (Adenovirus 26 and 5) and are applied in two doses with an interval of 90 days between each.

Another one available in Argentina is produced by the AstraZeneca laboratory and Oxford University, and its counterpart Covishield produced by the Serum Institute in India, also from recombinant adenovirus, which is applied in two doses separated by 56 days.

finally, One of Chinese origin produced by the pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, which uses inactivated virus, a dead version of germs that does not cause disease but does generate antibodies, and has a two-dose application method, with an interval of 21-28 days in between.

remarkably Since the start of the COVID-19 vaccination plan, 1,746,092 city residents have applied one dose and 530,367 completed the second dose immunization. Thus, there are already 2,276,459 vaccines applied in the Buenos Aires territory.

On Monday, according to the Ministry of Health, 32,940 people received a dose of the Sputnik V, AstraZeneca or Sinopharm vaccine against the coronavirus in the city.

In summary, the total number of vaccinations in CABA was 2,276,459 out of 2,354,014 doses applied so far from the country.

At the national level, according to the Observatory of Public Immunization, a tool that reports in real time on the vaccination process in Argentina, of the total doses distributed in the national territory (31,193,944) so ​​far, 278,25228 have been applied, of which 2,2342,067 correspond to the first dose, while Alone 5,483,161 people completed the two-dose schedule.

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