Two minors charged with homophobic assault in Corsica

Two minors under the age of 16 were examined in the investigation into the assault of homosexuals in mid-July in Rogliano (Haute-Corse), learned Wednesday from the Prosecutor’s Office Bastia.

The two minors, originally from Cap Corse, were examined by a children’s judge, the first for “public insults against homosexuals” and the second for “aggravated violence and public insults against homosexuals,” said Arnaud Fiorneri, the public prosecutor in Bastia.

A minor denies the facts

“My client denies the facts,” insisted AFP Anna Livia Guerini, the first minor’s lawyer, arguing that “in this case, the expected media coverage is a means of pressure to be avoided.” The advice of the second minor did not respond to AFP’s requests. Two other adults in police custody were questioned but released without charge.

This case relates to acts of violence perpetrated on the night of 14 to 15 July during a party held in a bar in Massenaggio, in the Marina Rogliano. An investigation was opened into “voluntary violence with total absence from work of less than or equal to 8 days in meetings and because of the victims’ sexual orientation.”

According to Mr Fiorneri, two men were subjected to anti-gay insults and then were subjected to violence “by kicks and punches by several individuals” after they, along with three other people, attended a fireworks display in this popular tourist city. They were allegedly the target of this violence shortly after midnight, after they had spent the evening in a bar. A third person was also injured. One of the victims used to stay in this municipality on a regular basis.

A photo of the couple, with bulging faces, posted on social media, has drawn a backlash of endorsements on the island, from High Corse Governor to the League for Human Rights. On Twitter, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin brought his photo “Full support for both victims” of this “violent aggression against homosexuals”, stressing that “these heinous acts (should) not go unpunished”

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