A man was killed in a garage in Catania, he disappeared two days ago

Dell’Arte had left the house Thursday morning and had not returned. The wife was worried because her husband was living a life with regular schedules, and she went to the carabinieri to report the incident. Searches began immediately until the discovery of the body. The couple had no children.

The crime may have occurred at the height of the dispute, perhaps after a clarification meeting that was to take place in the garage where the body was found. The Catania public prosecutor ordered an autopsy To ascertain the cause of death and time of death to put the crime in context, both for the perpetrator and for the motive.

The hypothesis that is formed is that the crime has matured in the personal sphere of the man, while in the case of investigations, links with organized crime are excluded, as well as for the methods of crime. A possible burglary was also ruled out, as the man’s car and the 42-year-old’s personal items, including his mobile phone, were immediately found.

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