A Wadsworth resident sworn in as the new Kassa volunteer

Wadsworth resident Rachel Belk was sworn in as a special counsel appointed to court by the Lake County Juvenile Court on September 30.

In partnership with CASA Lake County, Belk will work to support, protect and advocate for local children who have been victims of child abuse, domestic violence and neglect.

She joins a force of nearly 300 dedicated volunteers trained by CASA Lake County to serve children whose cases are active in Lake County Juvenile Court.

“I am really looking forward to my journey as CASA,” Belk said. “I want to be a constant support for a child going through stressful changes in their life, and I want them to know that they can always count on me to be there for them.

“I want to advocate for children who cannot stand up for themselves. I also look forward to being part of the knowledgeable and supportive CASA community.”

• Marie-Louise Blaney has been promoted to coach of the boys’ tennis team at St. Viator High School.

Blaney, who has participated in the St. Viator Tennis Program since 2001 as a student-athlete parent and coach, has served as the head coach for the junior girls’ tennis team and as an assistant squash coach for the boys’ tennis team. the past three years

In addition to coaching, she has been a competitive tennis player in Chicago, Northern Illinois, and California for over 20 years and is a member of the United States Tennis Association.

“I have loved working with student-athletes at St Viator over the years and am so grateful to have the opportunity to further influence this already impressive program,” said Blaney.

Blaney is currently in the middle of the girls’ squash season and will take over as head coach for the boys’ team in the spring.

Caroline Campeche
Courtesy of North Shore Montessori Schools

• Carolyn Campish, founder of North Shore Montessori Schools in Deerfield, Glenview/Northfield and Riverwoods, was honored with the 2021 FR Geigle Service Award during a recent ceremony at Northern Illinois University.

The FR Geigle Service Award is presented annually by the Northern Illinois University Alumni Association to recognize the achievements of outstanding alumni. Recipients are selected based on outstanding professional and personal successes, as well as involvement in civic, cultural or charitable activities.

Through decades of service, both domestically and internationally, Campeche has served countless parents, students, and communities through her work as a Montessori educator and volunteer.

After the founding of Deerfield Montessori School in 1966, she went on to establish additional schools on the North Shore and visited Uganda and Africa 14 times to establish Montessori schools there.

Currently, she is a board member of Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center.

Josh Puccini, Financial Planning Specialist, Canal Financial Group

Josh Puccini, Financial Planning Specialist, Canal Financial Group
– Courtesy of Kanal Financial Group

• Josh Puccini, a financial planning specialist at Canale Financial Group, Rosemont, has been certified as a Wealth Management Professional by the American College of Financial Services.

Professionals with this rating specialize in how to integrate complex wealth management and investment strategies that provide clients with a comprehensive approach to achieving financial security and peace of mind.

In addition to WMCP®, Puccini holds the title of Certified Retirement Income Professional and is registered with FINRA Securities.

As a financial planning specialist, he collaborates with Canale Financial Group team members to develop comprehensive financial plans, implement financial strategies, and help clients align their actions with their goals.

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