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from Phyllis Cavalaro

The girls were exchanged in bras for New Year’s Eve 1998, at the Mazara del Vallo Hospital. Today they share mothers as an extended family. Their story turns into a movie: Sisters Forever, airing Thursday 16th on Raiuno

On ID cards they still have the exchange of names, but Katrina NS Melissa Now they laugh about it with their mum and dad. A story they can finally tell with real names. After twenty years of misleading reporters.

Everyone is ready, parents and their daughters, to reveal the background of the cradle exchange that happened with a movie and a book New Year’s Eve 1998, at the Mazara del Vallo Hospital, the same gynecologist, the same nurses getting distracted by unscrewing bottles in the ward. With Mamma Gisella and Mamma Marinella breastfeeding and raising the wrong baby for three years. Until the day when a new teacher, upon leaving kindergarten, seeing how much Katrina Signora Marinella Alagna looked, it seemed natural to entrust her.

“She’s not my daughter…”He objected, looking anxiously for his “Melissa”, who, on the other hand, had exactly the characteristics of Gisela Fodera. At first restless doubt, followed by the agony of the nights both mothers spend arguing with their husbands. Until the first blood test. DNA testing follows, through meetings with lawyers, judges, and psychologists. To understand with himself whether he should shut up, keep the wrong child, or pretend that nothing happened. This means that if revealed, to the annoyance of two whole families, to snatch each of the two small families from those who made them grow.

Torment, everyone wonders to whom their children belong, whether to whom they cuddle, care for, clothe them, or who “just” gave birth to them. For Mama Gisela »was a blacksmithShe says, frowning for a moment, passing her with a sunny smile in her green dress, sitting on the sofa of Alagna’s house, next to Mamma Marinella. Both were hugged by Katrina and Melissa. “Our girls.”

Joyful in the photos they take together. All birthdays are celebrated together. Two families become one. The girls happily recall how they piqued the curiosity of their classmates: “We are a phenomenon: eight grandparents, two fathers and two mothers.” Same bank to maturity. Then pedagogy in Chieti. “Because other sisters found themselves in a good place in Abruzzo…”. Yes, they talk about other sisters because Marinella already has two other daughters, Leah, now 29, a nurse in Venice, and Perla, 27, a palace teacher after graduating in Chieti. While Gisela and her husband, after raising Katrina for the first three years, when Melissa arrived home, they had Sophia. Five females. A party to see them all together. Katrina: “We always make a group.” Melissa: “We are also five sisters on vacation with our five engaged couples. army…”.

Here’s the must-read story on TV with Sisters forever., the material that became the title of a book about to be released, by Rizzoli, by Mauro Caporicchio, screenwriter of the film set in Rai Fiction and “11 March” by Andrea Porporati.

The serenity of Katrina, the “extroverted, all-pepper”, and Melissa’s “most calm and contemplative”, as Safety describes her, is the result of the extraordinary commitment of parents and grandparents who were followed from the first moment by a lawyer-psychologist like Nicolas Samaritan. They are the characters we will see Thursday 16 in Raiuno Through the powerful interpretation of Donatella Vinocchiaro and Anita Caprioli, the parents, supported not only by parents Vincenzo Castrogiovanni and Francesco Fotti, but also one of the grandparents played by Andrea Tidona.

The cinema had already come to evoke this drama that had matured on the shores of the coastal city of Mazara, but with the irony of Ficarra and Picone in “il 7 e l’8”. The same story of Melissa and Katerina who, together with parents, remember that they once crossed the aisles at the airport with Salvo Ficarra. It’s time to take a selfie. without adding much.

They are also now willing to do so, even when traveling to the studios on afternoons on TV. Sincerely, Mama Eljna: “I can’t wait to meet Mara Vinier…”. Katrina smiles, explaining that she “didn’t want to show off.” Melissa adds thatOur history can be an exampleAs Mamma Gisella explains: “We want to communicate, especially with Caporiccio’s book, what happened to us and how we dealt with it.” Katrina’s mother: “There are families that do not accept sons, and fathers adopt and then never meet again. It is right to know what we have been able to do by crossing our lives ».

“Masara model” to reveal? Catherine’s sarcasm explodes with her pepper: “Trying not to make a mistake in the hospital and avoiding some doctors…”. A bitter smile crossed the faces of the two nations thinking of the gynecologist and nurses that night. “Yes, the health company offered compensation, but they continued to work at that nursery without ever paying,” Melissa adds, then smiles again as she shows the ID card with Katrina’s correct name and name. The name of the record that does not correspond to the name given by their parents. “The wrong name is the right one,” they play together. Another way to overlook anxiety that erases quickly. Thanks moms, dads and grandparents.

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