Al Qassimi Hospital gets the title of “Child Friendly”

Al Qassimi Hospital for Women, Maternity and Children in the Emirate of Sharjah, one of the facilities of the Emirates Foundation for Health Services network, was awarded the title of “Child-Friendly Hospital”, after its success in achieving the quality standards of quality health care provided, and recording outstanding rates for mother and child health and the efficiency of services.

The announcement of this achievement came after the completion of the necessary assessments, which extended for 4 days, by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), represented by the National Committee for Motherhood and Childhood at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection. The “Baby-Friendly Hospital” initiative relies on adopting the 10-step policy for successful breastfeeding. The hospital passed, with complete success, the test of applying policies and applying the international and local code, and got an evaluation of 80% or more in the indicators of the global initiative.

strategic priority

Dr. Youssef Mohammed Al Serkal, Director General of the Emirates Health Services Corporation, congratulated the management and cadres of Al Qassimi Hospital for Women, Maternity and Children for achieving the international title, stressing the foundation’s plans and strategies in providing distinguished care for women’s and children’s health, by launching quality policies and programs, and training and qualifying health workers. In hospitals and health care centers, those concerned with maternal and child health, raising their awareness of global trends and approved best practices, and providing them with the necessary skills to help provide quality health care for children.

supportive environment

In turn, Dr. Safia Saif Al-Khaja, director of the hospital, explained that the “Baby-Friendly Hospital” initiative is a global initiative, approved by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, which aims to protect and promote the health of infants and young children, and focus on the needs of the mother and her newborn, for the success of the breastfeeding process. Natural, as the best possible start to life. The program also includes encouraging, protecting and developing the method of breastfeeding, which promotes the health of the child and the mother.

Dr. Al Khaja pointed to the adoption of a breastfeeding policy, the preparation of a training system for hospital staff, and a supportive and supportive environment for mothers to continue breastfeeding, in addition to providing educational lessons to mothers during periodic visits during pregnancy and after childbirth, when the child receives vaccinations, with the aim of increasing knowledge and information.


The hospital evaluation process was carried out smoothly, through coordination and prior organization from the hospital administration and the National Committee, and this evaluation is considered unique, because it was held “remotely”, due to the current circumstances, as on the first day of the evaluation, an official meeting was held with the residents “by After”, and attended by members of the executive management and the Child Friendly Hospital Committee, to present all information related to the practices of the ten steps and annual indicators, as well as the hospital’s future plans in this regard.

The evaluation continued by interviewing workers, testing their implementation of the breastfeeding support policy, interviewing mothers in hospital departments, and testing the extent to which they received correct information, and their ability to initiate and continue breastfeeding during the period of receiving services and care. At the end of the evaluation, the results of the evaluation committee were presented, and the special recommendations were reviewed, to be applied in the future, to prepare for re-evaluation after 3 years.

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