Amarinder Singh vs. Punjab Minister Parghat Singh against Banque Saudi Fransi

Amarinder Singh welcomed BSF’s move.


Former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Thursday criticized Parghat Singh, a minister in the new state government and a close aide to the state’s Congress President Navjot Singh Siddhu, saying his accusations surrounding the Banque Saudi Fransi controversy were “ridiculous stories of cheap propaganda”.

It also targeted Captain Singh, who was forced to step down as prime minister last month after a rebellion among the ranks of the MLAs against Mr. Sidhu, the president of the Punjab Congress.

The comment came after Parjat Singh was accused over the center’s move to extend the powers of the Border Security Force or British security forces up to 50 kilometers from the border, which has sparked a major controversy since it has extended to the state government’s jurisdiction.

Parghat Singh said, “I have always said that the captain works with the BJP only. Earlier he went to Delhi to delay the purchase of rice and now this… If you are deploying British security forces in Punjab, it shows your motive to impose the rule of the ruler.” ANI news agency.

The accusation came after Captain Amarinder Singh appeared to welcome the center’s decision, saying that the enhanced presence of Bahrain’s security forces would make Punjab stronger. He added that the central armed forces should not be drawn into politics.

The move to allow British security forces to conduct searches and arrests on a wider belt in three border states sparked a major controversy in Punjab, with Prime Minister Charangit Singh Chani calling it a “direct attack on federalism” and fighting attacks by Congress. peers.

Former Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakkar fired a bullet at the PM over the Home Office order which came just a week after Mr Chani met with Federal Home Minister Amit Shah, in which he called for the closure of international borders to check drug smuggling. and weapons.

“Be careful what you order! Did Charanjit Chani inadvertently succeed in handing over half of Punjab to the central government? 25,000 square kilometers (of a total of 50,000 square kilometers) have now been put under the authority of the BSF. Punjab police criticize. Do we still want more autonomy?” countries.”


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