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The state, and in particular the capital, recorded increasing cases of such thefts targeting security companies. Just last week, G4S security company P7.4m was robbed at gunpoint at the Middlestar shopping complex.

This came on the heels of yet another burglary at gunpoint in Game City with the theft of an undisclosed amount of cash. Additionally, a week ago at the same mall, a P305,540 security service van was also stolen at gunpoint. However, in the same vein, last month thieves stole nearly £9 million in cash in Block 6 in Gaborone from a G4S armored security vehicle. In the wake of the rise in these robberies, Modongo spoke to The Monitor about measures being put in place or under consideration to combat the latest wave of these burglaries, bModongo said that robberies are the fastest growing form of theft in the country, particularly in Gaborone. He added that the recent rise in these thefts poses a threat to security and public safety and poses a major threat to the country’s economy. He pointed out that the biggest limit in fighting such thefts is that they are not armed as a sector, which makes it easier for armed thieves to attack guards and steal money.

He added, “We are trying to lobby so that we can get the arms, but we are struggling because the relevant stakeholders are ignoring our plea. We have been sent from column to column on this issue.” Modongo stated that due to the surge in burglaries, the BB security sector intensified its focus and made the decision to use fully armored security vehicles. He said that although the idea is promising, the use of fully armored security vehicles is neither sufficient nor effective as there is a worrying trend that information is being leaked to armed robbers.

He pointed out that the armed robbers had full information about the timing, routes and destinations of the security vehicles before they stole them. The competent chief added: “These armed thieves do not stop and do not attack the security mechanisms at the intersections because they realize that they are fully armored, which makes it difficult for them to open them. The armed robbers are waiting at the destination of the car as they are fully aware that the same cars will be opened to deliver the cash.” He said that in most cases the armed robbers launch the attacks on the ATMs.

He added that other security companies have started using flak jackets to protect their guards if things go wrong during a robbery and others have gone as far as to track their cars.

Mudongo indicated that they have spoken with the police in this regard, but the escalation of theft numbers is evidence that they are unable to contain the situation. At the moment, he said, they are very desperate and there is concern in the security sector, stakeholder partners and the insurance community. He stated that the insurance community is already threatening to increase its premiums, which ultimately drives up the cost of business.

Mudongo added that the increasing cases of theft will affect the country’s foreign direct investment, as it will be difficult for investors to take advantage of a country experiencing a security crisis.

He said the government at this point is not doing anything to combat the issue. Temporarily, the security community is hoping for the police to investigate the thefts. He said, “I have tried to meet in person with the relevant minister and he does not seem to be bothered. I have sometimes hit a stone looking for him. We are desperate at the moment because there is no solution.”


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